Smile train adds new objectives in Los Cabos

Koral Center of Los Cabos was the venue for the press conference to present the project of health professionals from Baja California Sur who will receive training from Smile Train, to ensure cutting-edge, timely, safe treatments of the highest quality. and free in communities on an ongoing basis.

The new organizations affiliated with Smile Train will offer children and adolescents with cleft lip and/or palate the possibility of smiling through the sustainable model they offer: comprehensive treatments, obtained through training, financing, and resources to local health, and work will be done hand in hand with state doctors to empower them, offer free surgeries, multidisciplinary care such as orthodontics, orthopedics, speech therapy, psychological therapy and/or nutritional support, ensuring that treatments are timely and safe in conjunction with different hospital spaces, in Los Cabos and La Paz.

The project will start on June 26 with pre-surgical evaluations, where it is ensured that patients are at optimal levels of health so that they can be candidates for surgery. The first interventions will take place on August 6 and 7.

“Our vision at Smile Trian is that all babies born with this condition can have access to free treatment and that patients integrate into society, this is the greatest challenge, that all children have a harmonious development. We currently work to provide quality, service, be models and draw a smile in each patient.” Commented Dr. Alejandro González, director of Smile Train in Mexico.

There was also the presence of Michael Sampiano, Development Director of Smile Train; Marisa Comella, executive director of the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation; Dr. Zazil Flores Aldape, Secretary of Health of the Government of Baja California Sur; teacher Patricia López Navarro, honorary president of the DIF State System in Baja California Sur; Luis Alberto Ceseña, director of the DIF State System in Baja California Sur; Tannia Hecht, ComuniCabo director; Jorge Carrera, director of Querencia and Juan Fernando Sáenz, representing Hospital H+, all of them involved with the goal of improving the quality of life in Los Cabos.

If you know a family that has someone with a cleft lip and/or palate, invite them to review the information about this project on Smile Train Latin America’s social networks, write to the email:


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