Autumn Wines

Gradually, we wave goodbye to the heat of Summer, and we welcome the cooler months of Autumn! This season is when the vintages are ending and the winemaking part begins. Currently, the work of the oenologists is the most crucial, since the first moments of fermentation are transcendental.

The winemaker must check that the wine-making process is correct and at the same time, direct what type of wine they are going to make. In this same season, the vines in the field begin to lose their leaves and prepare for winter. All this happens in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, it is spring, therefore, the vines begin to sprout, and the next season’s grape production is selected.

Due to the drop in temperature, we recommend three red wines this season which is typical of the season. Two wines are Mexican, one from Valle de Guadalupe from the primitive grape which is Italian; but in California, it is known as Zinfandel. The second wine is a Merlot from Chihuahua with a lot of power and presence, and thanks to its vines grown at great altitudes. The third wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon, made from different regions of California to provide a lot of balance.

We present two white wines: a French Chardonnay grape, organic and of great quality; and the second is a Sauvignon Blanc, from Santa Barbara, California, a fresh and easy-to-drink specimen.

Add a bottle of ros茅 wine and champagne to your list, as they are ideal for any season of the year, and, who does not like to celebrate with bubbles, regardless of the occasion?

We suggest a very well-balanced ros茅 wine with fruit nuances and, in the case of champagne, it does not need an introduction, since it is the favorite of many. Let’s celebrate the arrival of autumn by raising a glass!

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