The Interview: Rafael Aragonés

In 2015, Grupo Habitat created a building that represented a turning point and initiated an innovative trend in Los Cabos architecture.

Rafael Aragonés is CEO of Grupo Habitat, which has added Cora Los Cabos to its portfolio in Southern California. The name derives from the indigenous who interacted in the San Jose del Cabo area between the sea, streams, and mountains. Marea Los Cabos, located a few meters from El Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, is also part of its projects.

Rafael Aragonés’ passion for architecture began more than 40 years ago. His architectural style has evolved through time to include contemporary, harmonious, and spectacular constructions that deviate from traditional aesthetics. The fundamental distinction between each project and those developed by Grupo Habitat is how well they are adapted to their surroundings.

“Before undertaking each project I feel the air, the vibe of the space; you have to stop and observe the property, trying to preserve and understand the environment. Respect for the environment is what determines the fusion and adaptation of the style.”.

His passion for the real estate industry has motivated him to work diligently and achieve exceptional results in order to continue growing. The energy that drives the Aragonese and that they impart to all of their collaborators is the willingness to take on new challenges, take calculated risks to venture beyond the conventional, and examine areas from a resplendent environmental perspective.

“If you do something you are passionate about it becomes part of you, a hobby that you reflect through your actions.”

They have participated in several developments in Los Cabos, and they are all recognized for unique lighting and the incorporation of natural elements such as water. Additionally, the design of the house concepts is extremely detailed and vertically oriented.

“I strengthen Grupo Habitat’s vision with what I see and experience. I am inspired by music, architecture books and traveling to different cities. Living in Los Cabos is a privilege and a great opportunity to build developments based on the abundance of the natural elements of the sea and desert”.

Mar Adentro (currently Viceroy) is one of the Aragonés’ first buildings in Los Cabos. The International Union of Architects and UNESCO presented Grupo Habitat with the Prix Versailles award for Best Exterior Construction in the Hotel category in 2017 in recognition of this project.


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