R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

Las Manitas: Magical encounter with the rock

Los Cabos also has rock art in the community of Santa Anita. This enormous rock is known as “Las Manitas,” which displays handprints of various sizes and long lines, some of which are about two meters high. They are believed to be from Pericúes, also known as Edues or Coras, the indigenous people who occupied this region of Southern California.

It’s fascinating to contemplate the natives’ approach to life, such as how they enjoyed a day by the stream, started hunting or gathering for food, lived in balance with nature, and observed the night sky.

Foto por Josafat de La Toba

Las Manitas is one of those places where you may escape far from the city. Permit yourself to be impressed by the surrounding beauty of nature and the relics of our ancestors.

This obscure place is becoming more and more popular. If you feel the inclination to visit, remember to set a good precedent. Be respectful, use good judgement, and place trash in appropriate waste bins to maintain a clean environment. Keeping our environment free of litter is a significant way of preserving our environment for everyone to enjoy now and in the future. While exploring, carry an additional bag available and leave the site cleaner than when you arrived.

Las Manitas is located after the Los Cabos International Airport. From there. you will proceed for approximately 10 minutes by car until you find a detour with signs to “Presa Las Palmas.”

Foto por Josafat de La Toba

Take the dirt road, which will take you into the sierra interior, where you will reach Rancho Los Naranjos. After you have made a right, you’ll need to continue going until you reach an orange arrow directing you to take a left; there is a parking lot and a hut.

As you descend the stairs, you will notice a massive, breathtaking rock near the waterhole. Upon closer inspection, you will discover cave paintings.

Would you consider visiting any other different places in Baja California Sur in the future?


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