This event is the first BULNES Sport Fishing Tournament for a cause in 2023.

The Tournament honors two personalities known by their friends and associates as Doña Conchita Bulnes and her husband, Don Luis Bulnes Molleda. Both were pioneers in the development of tourism in Los Cabos since 1955. Together, they built the great Solmar hotel complex and left a lasting impression on the La Cabeza community.

For this reason, the first BULNES Sport Fishing Tournament with a cause will be held to benefit the Patronato de Bomberos Voluntarios de Cabo, San Lucas.

As was to be expected, support for the fire brigade is always an issue that brings together other actors. In this case, Fonmar decided to contribute the first 100,000 pesos to the guaranteed fund. Prof. Oscar Leggs Castro The prize money was increased by another $100,000, and two anonymous sponsors were also involved, which increased the amount to be distributed to 500,000 pesos.

Solmar Hotels Resorts will provide the fishermen with T-shirts and caps. In addition, the Cabo Escape boat and Wild Cabo teamed up as sponsors for the starting gunshot.

General Data:

The registration fee per angler is $250.00 USD for teams of 4.


1st place: $250,000 pesos

2nd place: $150,000 pesos

3rd place: $100,000 pesos


Registration: April 15th, 2023 in front of the statue of Don Luis Bulnes from 12:00 to 8:00 pm (Reading of Rules at 7:00 pm at the same location).

Fishing day: April 16th, 2023

-6:00 am boarding of the vessel Cabo Escape at the Marina Terminal.

-7:00 am starting shot. Participating teams will line up in front of the starting arc.

-1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Weigh-in station, horse mackerel and saw for jackpots, in front of the statue of Don Luis Bulnes in the andador de la marina. on the Marina walkway.

-6:00 pm Awards Ceremony on the Marina walkway.

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