For this Spring’s issue of Tendencia, the editorial team traveled to Mulegé to continue the seasonal diaries. With a pleasant climate and a welcoming populace, this northern Baja California Sur region of more than 33,000 square kilometers is the largest municipality in the Mexican Republic, despite its small population of fewer than 60,000 residents.

It is a nature enthusiast’s dream and may be explored in a variety of ways, primarily by dirt roads, dirt tracks, and paved highways from Santa Rosalia to Guerrero Negro. In addition, some boats navigate around the islands of San Marcos and Santa Inés on the east side of the Gulf of California.

Salina El Cuarenta on the west side is constantly visited due to its magnitude and the spectacular plateau that delimits it. Regarding natural beauty, the area surrounding Nuestro Señor de San Ignacio’s mission, known as Kadakaamán, is a stunning oasis with a rich and varied ecosystem.

A visit to Laguna San Ignacio may include a stay at one of the area’s well-established campgrounds. On this particular occasion, the team stayed at Pachico’s. Adriana del Aguila, the manager, and a marine biologist describes it as a place where visitors may interact with animals as a daily activity. the night, there is an unrivaled opportunity to experience the celestial vault found in only a few other spots on the planet. The luminescence of the peninsula is famous.

At the Delgadito, they met David Borbón, committed to mangrove protection and regeneration. Francisco Burgoin, dedicated to turtle monitoring. Delgadito is located right at the mouth of the San Ignacio Lagoon, where the El Cardón estuary is located to the north and the Batequi to the south. The natural splendor of this place, known for being a whale sanctuary, is so beautiful that it is virtually impossible to describe it adequately.

This excursion touched all the participants’ hearts and almost brought some of us to tears of compassion and empathy. Whether in villages with a population of 5, 20, or 50, this is an everyday norm in this area.

Their friendliness, kindness, and willingness to show off the local attractions, like Graciela López Aguilar’s, were always infused with exceptional human warmth, pride, and sincerity. She was delighted to talk about her life early in the morning, accompanying the conversation with a “Talega” coffee prepared by her daughter Noemí.

Pure magic is what they discovered in El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve. Indira López and Isidro Sanchez were their gracious ambassadors for the mystical municipality of Mulegé.

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