Migriño got all dressed up for the very first edition of Xantusii Fest!

The inaugural Xantusii Fest injected a burst of energy, rhythm, and vibrancy into Migriño, showcasing Los Ángeles Azules – a world-renowned music group famous for their Mexican cumbia hits. The group’s performance got everyone dancing, creating a lively and colourful atmosphere. The event was a huge success and proved why Los Ángeles Azules are considered the greatest exponents of Mexican cumbia worldwide.

The musical event was a perfect opportunity for local talent to showcase their skills through the performances of DJs: Eduardo Pedrín, Alejandro Rivas, and Roberto Hechavarría. These shows provided a great source of entertainment to the audience while they eagerly awaited the arrival of Los Ángeles Azules, ensuring that everyone had a memorable experience.

The event took place at the Xantusii development, next to Cielindo Sunset Cantina. Local establishments such as Barullo, Carajillos, Choriarte y Marcelino, La Galería, Mucca, Santo Pulmo and Yenekamú also participated. Renowned restaurants pampered Los Cabos’ gastronomic scene with delicious recipes as lively attendees gathered to celebrate their undeniable passion for music.

“Photography” by Dennis Berti.

The event was produced through the collaboration of Tendencia and Xantusii, with Claudia Velo developing the logistics. Xantusii Fest is a groundbreaking event that brings artistic entertainment to the rural areas of Los Cabos. Created in partnership with companies such as the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Los Cabos, Mundo Ejecutivo Baja California Sur, Caligas, and with the spectacular production by Trilogy, Xantusii Fest is the pioneer of its kind in the region.

This event marks the beginning of activities that will enhance the lifestyle in rural Baja California Sur. It is uplifting and enriches the essence of life. Music is a universal language connecting us all to the art and culture that makes life so special. It’s great to see positive changes and growth happening in our communities!

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