Breakfast for moms at Hospiten: Today, the hug is for them.

The mothers were arriving at the annual Hospiten breakfast to honour them. Some were accompanied by their babies; others had coffee before starting their daily activities, and all were proud of their chosen role in life. The elegant salon of Mestizo del Mar in Vista Encantada was adorned with motherly love and was the venue for this warm gathering.

Paola Sanchez, in charge of Marketing and Communications, spoke about the five Hospiten centres in Mexico, two of which are in Los Cabos, one in San Jose del Cabo and another in Cabo San Lucas. The purpose of the meeting was also to relaunch the new brand and to introduce the new General Manager of Hospiten Los Cabos, José Andrés Plasencia Díaz.

“We are very proud that they chose Hospiten for one of the most important moments in life, such as having babies. That is why we want to celebrate the moms who had the confidence to do it both at San José and San Lucas,” he said, adding that this day is significant because, in addition, the new brand will be presented.

“As we have a new brand, we are also releasing a new manager here in Los Cabos, José Andrés Plasencia; some of you already know him because he has been in events, in the chambers and associations. We are delighted with this transition because new things are coming, and there are many alliances, working as a team with the society here,” said Paola Sanchez.

He also expressed that for the Hospiten team, the residents of Los Cabos must get to know them, not as just another company or hospital, but as part of a family and a growing community.

“At Hospiten, we have been imbuing our way of doing things in every act of care for over 50 years. Our goal is to build wellness ecosystems where talent and technology go hand in hand, creating a medical, social and human fabric, because that is our DNA”, is the concept of the new brand, communicated in an advertising spot.

“Although I am new, I am happy to share this day. In Spain, we usually say that “there is only one mother, ” Here too, right? In addition to the biological fact, mother means many things; there is only one mother, but there are many concepts that we celebrate. At Hospiten, we are incredibly proud of all the boys and girls born here in San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. We are passionate about this, and this is what we will continue to do,” said Jose Andres Plasencia, the new general director of Hospiten Los Cabos.

The rebranding concerns the different specialities that each centre will bring together. “The doctors have different specialities and work as a team, generating a lot of trust. We are a hospital with European and local certificates because we have to adapt the model to Mexico. Hospiten has always been concerned about influencing the social responsibility of the place where we are. Here we are now with a beautiful association called Corazón de niño, which provides interventions for children and adolescents; it is an incredible, titanic, marvellous task”, concluded Paola Sanchez.

Present were José Andrés Plasencia Díaz, General Director; Dalit Levanah, Assistant Director of Hospiten Cabo San Lucas and Hospiten San José del Cabo; María Pilar del Río Gómez, Director of Nursing; Mariel Isolé Fonz Cabrera, Commercial Director; and Paola Sánchez, Marketing and Communication.

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