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By Jesús Corral

One of the most enjoyable activities for human beings is traveling. It holds various meanings, but in this context, I am referring to sightseeing and traveling for pleasure to learning more about another culture. When we have the opportunity, it is inevitable to compare, especially when contrasted with the place of origin.

Regarding international travel, France is the top destination worldwide, followed by Spain in second place. Mexico holds an honorable seventh position; although there may be differences in how it is measured and, in the period, it is carried out.

After spending several weeks in the major cities along the southern coast of Spain, I observed many similarities and differences between Mexico, particularly Baja California Sur. Our shared geographical location results in very similar climates, beaches, and weather conditions, prompting us to look to each other to see “what this destination is doing.”

Spain is well-prepared for tourism. This amiable and knowledgeable country fully understands and embraces tourism, and its people are skilled in the art of hospitality. They work to ensure everyone’s well-being, recognizing that when there is cooperation, “business synergy” benefits everyone. Tourists are genuinely appreciated, creating a perfect win-win situation.

Spain and its neighboring countries, France and Portugal, have well-established tourism industries supported by their respective governments. At the regional level, the provinces within these countries are also putting significant efforts into enhancing their tourism sectors. They identify and build on their strengths while addressing weaknesses, resulting in substantial economic opportunities.

Countries like Mexico are known for their warm hospitality, welcoming tourists from all over the world and making them feel at home. Their information offices are a great example, with staff always ready to go the extra mile to ensure visitors feel welcome. The signage in the streets, tourist areas, and attractions (such as maps, posts, and terminology) are impeccable, legible, clean, and in excellent condition, which demonstrates strong collaboration between the public and private sectors. Resources are dedicated to tourism, evident in the cleanliness and condition of the streets, which are clean and orderly and have proper technical and human vigilance.

One aspect that stands out is the affordability and fairness of the prices. While most activities and attractions have a cost, there are discounts for people with physical limitations or advanced age. Even without these discounts, the prices remain attractive and fair, ensuring that the attractions are kept in excellent condition and providing visitors with value for their money. We also observed groups of students of all ages visiting various museums, galleries, and historical monuments.

I want to emphasize the safety and tranquility of this place, with its low – almost null – consumption of alcoholic beverages in the streets and the permissiveness of setting up tables outdoors for the sale of alcohol without noise or excesses. It must be said that its nightlife is very thriving and fun.

The memories of this place are etched in my mind – the places, towns, and cities, the warm-hearted people, the delectable food, and the meticulous preservation of their cultural, physical, geographical, and human heritage. It’s no wonder that visitors are drawn to this place, creating a significant economic asset through repeat tourism.

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