Malarrimo, an Urban Legend?

In the morning, we departed for our next destination. Edith recommended that her uncle, Manuel Higuera Serrano, who lived in Bahia Tortugas, guide us in visiting Malarrimo. We needed clarification about why we had to detour to Tortugas Bay to visit Malarrimo when Google Maps showed us a closer route. This trip taught us the importance of listening to local guides, as technology doesn’t always have all the answers.

The drive to Tortugas Bay treated us to some postcard-perfect views of the peninsula, which was truly idyllic. It was a fantastic start to our trip. Upon arrival, it was simple to locate Manuel’s house, Edith’s uncle, who graciously awaited us in Malarrimo.

We embarked on one of the best rides we have ever experienced, starting on a dirt road that took us along the coast and across the mountain range guarding Varadero Malarrimo, a vast expanse of sea. The area is known for its unique flora, including a type of cactus that was new to us. Despite driving 4×4 vehicles, we encountered multiple instances of getting stuck along the road. Those with more off-roading expertise graciously allowed us to pass in such situations. The adventure was thrilling, with the natural terrain proving challenging, mainly sand and rocks. The rock formations in the area were remarkably original, prompting us to stop and capture them in photos. Upon careful inspection, we also encountered coyotes during our journey.

After nearly an hour of sailing, we reached Malarrimo. The beach is vast, with beautiful sand and sea colors. Right at its mouth is where the objects that travel between the oceans accumulate.

Malarrimo is famous for the sea currents that have stranded unimaginable objects, such as remnants of artifacts from World War II. Manuel told us that in the 1960s, his dad had to warn about a test torpedo that beached there. We read this, which motivated and led us to drive to this incredible place. The fishermen named it Malarrimo because of the rarity and quantity of beached objects.

Campo Pesquero / Cooperativa La Purisima

Manuel was the perfect guide for us. He is familiar with Varadero Malarrimo, is part of the fishing cooperative, and is a proud native of Bahia Tortugas. During our journey, Manuel shared that when he first dove into the sea and witnessed its underwater wonders, he knew that this was where he belonged. As a result, he has been diving for 28 years. His passion lies in working in the sea, promoting sustainability, and introducing travelers to the treasures of this region.

The North Pacific zone is characterized by its responsible management and conservation of resources. The community’s strict laws and cooperative efforts have been instrumental in maintaining order and ensuring fair economic benefits for both fishermen and managers. Their parents had made the best decision: to safeguard the species and leave that legacy. Through investment in a robust surveillance system, the area is effectively protected. Cooperativa La Pur铆sima, which is about to celebrate its 80th anniversary, boasts over 90 members and families.

We made several stops along the way at places that were simply impossible not to photograph. It’s important to note that visiting Malarrimo alone would have been impossible. We would not have made it!

Bah铆a Tortugas

As we returned to Tortugas Bay, we were greeted by Manuel’s wife, Irma Villavicencio Murillo, who had prepared a mouthwatering feast of fish tacos, fresh vegetables, and savory sauces. Our lively and amusing conversations about the day’s adventure, the sun, and the beach made the meal even more enjoyable. We were delighted to learn about their three children and their pride in their children’s successful careers. After our satisfying meal, we got ready to head out and continue our journey to Guerrero Negro.

Our promise to revisit Bahia Tortugas was fueled by a desire to conduct a more comprehensive, in-depth report on the way of life around the Cooperative La Purisima. It comprises several fishing camps and a community that is a testament to the power of integration. The more we learned about their organization, the more we were filled with a sense of pride. They are a true example of what a well-integrated community can achieve.

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