Sueños de Colibrí Collection:

An icon born 15 years ago in Indira & Isidro

This collection is characterized by the variety of precious and semiprecious stones, including watermelon tourmalines, topaz, citrine, peridot, aquamarines, colored sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and, of course, the opal that, since ancient times, was worked in Mexico by the Aztecs and Mayas with different names such as “vitzitziltecpal” or hummingbird stone.

We design and create various pieces, with our most popular being rings made of .925 silver and pure 24k gold. These pieces must meet two specific requirements to be part of the Sueños de Colibrí collection.

Our collection is unique because each piece is meticulously crafted, making them one-of-a-kind. These are not just ordinary jewelry but also author’s pieces that bear the mark of our house, Indira & Isidro, México .925, 24k. Our shield is printed with two castles and armor bearing our names. The next mark is Indira Gems, signifying that the piece was a collaborative design by both of us.

How did the name of the collection come about, and why?

When my mother, Victoria Icaza, passed away 16 years ago, a hummingbird appeared. This was a profound moment for us, a symbol of both our deepest sorrows and our greatest joys. In Mexican culture, it is believed that when a virtuous person with a pure heart and mind passes, they often return to us in the form of a hummingbird.

The inspiration and influence of the hummingbird have propelled this collection to international acclaim. It has opened doors for us in prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Miami Art Basel, and Los Cabos Fashion Week, and in renowned publications like Vogue Magazine, Mexico and Latin America, Tendencia El Arte de Viajar. The Sueños de Colibrí collection has brought us countless joys and blessings.

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