Expo Hotelera: The place where suppliers and hotels meet

The 5th edition of Expo Hotelera was successfully held at Hotel Hacienda del Mar on Friday, June 21, 2024. This event, organized by the Los Cabos Hotel Association, brought together companies from the hotel industry to exhibit and promote their products and services. With more than 80 exhibitors, almost double the number of the last edition, the 5th Hotel Expo welcomed attendees who visited the stands, workshops, activities, and halls, where products, services, and supplies were offered during the day.

At the press conference before the inauguration and the traditional ribbon cutting, Lilzi Orcí, Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, said:

“We are delighted to be inaugurating the 5th edition of the Expo Negocios Hotelera Los Cabos. It is one of the plans we work on the most as a Hotel Association because it has one objective: bringing different service and product providers together. In this tour, you will see the different suppliers we have. As the Hotel Association, we have captured the need for suppliers to get closer to the hotels and also for the hotels to have a broader portfolio of suppliers to make decisions on negotiation, services or contracting”.He said that the plan to carry out an exhibition was born eight years ago, and its growth was organic due to the success of past editions.

“This time, we are with more than 80 suppliers, almost double what we had last year. We also hope to have a great attendance, and we invite the 96 partner hotels to come and see what we have planned and worked on for you during the year. I hope it will be fruitful and we leave with a good taste in our mouths and with contracts signed and negotiations completed,” said Lilzi Orcí.

The praesidium was made up of Lilzi Orcí, Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association; Fernando Ojeda, Undersecretary of Tourism; Mauricio Salicrup, President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association; Regidor Linze Rodríguez; Geraldine Zaragoza, General Manager of Vidanta Los Cabos and board member of the Los Cabos Hotel Association; Jorge Castañeda, Director of Hotel Hacienda del Mar; Javier Olivares, Executive President of ASUDESTICO; and Elisa Aráoz, Executive Director of the Los Cabos Hotel Association.

This year, in particular, the Wellness pavilion was set up and dedicated to wellness, as this area has gained relevance in recent years in the hotel industry. Divided into two rooms, Arcos and Crystal, workshops and activities were held. The Arcos room will be a hub of diverse activities, appealing to a wide range of interests. These include ‘Three Minutes to Save Your Day ‘, ‘Presentation of the book “Bichos en Vitrina: Poetic Anthology” ‘, and ‘Preparation of Body Scrubs ‘. Tendencia global. Sustainable fitness in the tourism industry, Cocktail Class: vegan foam technique. While in the Crystal Room, there was the Intuitive Art Workshop, Cocoa Ceremony, and Breath. Conscious Breathing and, to close, the Creating Luxury Values Conference.

Expo Hotelera 2024 was a success for the public, among the stands, workshops, and activities. These expos are a platform for connecting with suppliers and industry experts, participating in events and wellness activities, exploring new technologies and solutions to improve hotel management, and, most importantly, expanding networks to establish strategic business relationships. The networking opportunities are boundless and can lead to exciting new ventures.

Congratulations on a 5th anniversary. Luxury Hotel Expo, namely for the visitors and the quality of the exhibits. We look forward to meeting again next year.

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