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Wedding To-Dos

12 months before Make a list of priorities and decide on the style of wedding you want. This will help you create a budget. Choose a range of dates and make a list of options for the venue. Once you’ve booked and signed the contract for the site, you will have also determined the exact
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Californian Literature

María Estela Beltrán Márquez

Biography of the Author María Estela Beltrán Márquez was born in 1936 to a family with deep roots in Baja California Sur. She worked for the radio station XENT and is a permanent member of social organizations such as the Rotary Club of La Paz. Maria’s interest in poetry and writing began at an early
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My Mexican Wedding

By Marcela Azcona

Writing about a Mexican Wedding is as delicate as actually organizing the event. It is one of the most anticipated and important days in a woman’s life. Capturing every emotion on a sheet of paper that emerges during that day is a daunting challenge. Nevertheless, I promise to provide some fond insights into mine.  
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Californians and Marriage

Eligio Moisés Coronado Chronicler of the City of La Paz The Mexican Jesuit Francisco Javier Clavijero wrote the History of Antigua or Baja California, even though he was never in this part of New Spain. His four volumes were based on already published information reported by his colleagues who served as ministers on the California
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Anniversaries and Renewal of Vows

The tradition of giving the couple an object on their anniversary symbolizes the strength of their relationship and offers wishes of prosperity. Although the origin of this custom is uncertain, it has been passed from generation to generation. The gifts given each year were once made of different materials from the most fragile, such as
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Stand Strong

Corazón de Niño

Corazon de Niño, A.C. is an association established in 2001 through the shared experience of several families around the cardiac health of their children. Early diagnosis is the key to the success of the program and offers the best opportunity to discover significant cases in a timely manner that, for variety of reasons, are not
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The Legend

The Woman in White

  The origin of this legend comes from La Paz. It tells the story of a young woman walking at night, wearing a white shawl and with black hair falling across her face.  The Woman in White once attended a dance and chose a man as her partner. They danced and spent the evening together,
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Guest Destination

San Javier

A hidden desert treasure and a gem of missionary architecture are just some adjectives that many historians use to describe the San Javier Mission. The Cochimies called this place Vigge Biaundo, meaning “ground in the high glens.” It is a great place to fall in love. Located 244 miles north of La Paz and 22
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Family Stories

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

Marriages have always been an important part of the social capital of Baja California and a vital component in shaping the socio-historical aspects of the peninsula. For families engaged in business enterprises, marriages served to not only consolidate economic capital through the union of wealth and the generation of new business but fostered social networks that
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Lazy Gourmet Cabo

In Love with Celebrations

At Lazy Gourmet Catering and Events we love celebrations and believe that every event should be memorable, exciting, and stress free for you. Whether you are planning an intimate candlelit dinner for two, corporate gathering, elaborate destination wedding, Los Cabos birthday celebration or a star-studded event, we will tailor every aspect to your needs, budget,
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Scented Soil

Of José Martín Olmas Ceseña

Mission of San Jose del Cabo(1730-1840) …Keep on dancing in the mud, my children, many bricks are missing to finish the store, and hurry the oxen and the wagons and fix the way down to the quarry; we will continue stoking the brick kilns to start the vault… n 1730, Nicholas Tamaral arrived either by
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The Synarchist

Manuel Bueno Guarro

The National Synarchist Union (UNS) was founded in the first half of the twentieth century on May 23, 1937 in Leon, Guanajuato. UNS was a Mexican political and social movement characterized as anti-nationalist, Catholic and popular. The name comes from the Greek word Sinarquismo “syn dike” meaning: with authority, power, order, with government, which is
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Del Cabo Event Design

Over the course of a pleasant interview, Yahwe Garcia gave us some interesting insights about the Creative Director of Del Cabo Event Design. Yahwe is celebrating 10 years of producing events in Los Cabos with precision and professionalism.   Kim Clapham invited Yahwe to Los Cabos to develop theme parties for her company. Recognizing the
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Salvador Abascal y Guadalupe Carranza Wedding in Exile

Jose Soto Molina

An unusual ecclesiastical celebration took place on the morning of March 17th, 1942. The children of La Paz witnessed the wedding of the beautiful teen Guadalupe Carranza and Salvador Abascal, the legendary leader of the National Synarchist Union. Guadalupe was later given the title “Princess of Tlalneplantla” by her son, Juan Bosco. She was just
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Love in the Old Days

Gabriel Fonseca

Baja California Sur is perfect for love. It is a land full of minerals and great energy that many call paradise.   Before the mid-twentieth century, San Jose del Cabo was a very romantic town where any romance was news. The city was home to ancient traditions from all over the world and people’s background
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The Interview

Leo Sicairo

Leo has been part of one of the most important beauty projects in the world and is known for his avant-garde style and the ability to reinvent himself with each of his collections. Leo recently designed the Miss Universe collection worn by the representative from Mexico, Josselyn Garciglia, in Miami. Although he was born in
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By Jesús Corral

Why do people get married? It’s a question with many answers. Perhaps as many as the number of ways there are to conduct the event. he traditional concept of a wedding has not lost its appeal. Many couples around the world still prefer a church, floral arrangements, organ or choral music, custom designed white dresses
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Costa Baja

Resort and Spa

Costa Baja Resort and Spa is just 10 minutes from downtown La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur. The resort is located in the magnificent Sea of Cortez overlooking the marina and white sand beach; with exclusive access to the only golf course designed by Gary Player in Mexico.  
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