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Missionary Art & History

The Mission of Santa Rosalia de Mulege (1705-1828) Despite the limiting factors that arose during the expansion process, such as lack of food, ships and financial resources, Salvatierra and his people continued to search for sites that primarily provided water and fertile land to farm. Their conviction and zeal as missionaries was to carry and
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Stand Strong

LIGA MAC   Most Liga MAC, A.C. supporters and volunteers that provide help in the San Jose del Cabo community are from Mexico, USA and Canada. Liga MAC is a registered charitable Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of low-income families. Liga MAC programs provide basic living, educational and medical assistance through a Support
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Memories and Remembrances of La Paz

Manuel Bueno Guarro

  The book “Cronicas de mi puerto, La Paz 1830-1959” by Rosa Maria Mendoza Salgado is fascinating. Her literary style, along with her memories and yearnings, place us in the time and the environment described by her lines. The photographs illustrating the work are historical treasures. They revive the construction of Baja California Sur’s capital
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Guest Destination

Juan Melgar

La Giganta, the view from Comondu After days of traveling from the north to the south central highlands of Baja California Sur, a famous adventurer from the middle of the last century declared when he reached Comondu that what his eyes beheld was Shangri-la. The description is still accurate. A stream flowing into the Pacific
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Costa Baja Resort & Spa

Eduardo Herrera

“The most important thing is service and hospitality, pampering our visitors so they can enjoy the natural beauty of La Paz. At the end of the day, they will treasure the experience of travel, adventure and friendly people.” Eduardo Herrera The lobby was designed by Rick Benton. All the design elements and the wooden floor
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Californian Literature

Rosa María Mendoza Salgado

Crónicas de mi Puerto     Portrait of the Author Rosa Maria Mendoza Salgado was born in La Paz. She graduated as a pre-school education teacher, then studied folklore and classical dance at the Bellas Artes Institute in Mexico City. Rosa is a tireless promoter of culture. Rosa established the first classical dance school, the
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The Legend

Maria Elena Muriel

The legend of the Bell of Santiago   As a result of the cultural exchange between native Indians and Europeans, Mexico is a country full of traditions. Some traditions were imposed, others adopted. The territory is so extent that a huge range of new customs was generated. Each region has its own ethnography and popular
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The Magic is in the Moments

Christine Wenzel

A visit to the adjoining towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas promises to awaken your sense of wonder. Let yourself be dazzled by our colorful sunrises and sunsets. Let the Sea of Cortez wash away your stress when you dive into the crystal clear turquoise water. Let our smiles, make you
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Hacienda Encantada

Gabriel Macías

“We want our guests to experience the colors, flavors and rhythm of Mexico. That includes the architectural beauty, Mexican art, culinary diversity and especially the excellent service provided by all of us on the Hacienda Encantada team.” Gabriel Macias   Hacienda Encantada features a Mexican style design inspired by traditional haciendas. The intention is for
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Chef Bueno Top 3

  Greetings friends. I hope you enjoyed my previous article and seeing a bit my culinary trajectory. This time, I want to applaud and recognize the great work of chefs and culinary colleagues across Baja California Sur. As chefs, it is difficult to find places that meet 100 percent of our expectations. That’s why most
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ME Cabo

Meliá Los Cabos

  “ME Cabo has a personality that is all its own! It is both a place to vacation and a place to enjoy the amazing lifestyle and unique entertainment.” ME Cabo is a hotel and design concept that create spaces where fun arises and music and fashion events are held. The hotels under this brand
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Isidro Sánchez

Mexico has a rich history of jewelry. People have worked in silver since pre-Hispanic times. With the arrival of the Spaniards during the colonial era, the art of working with this material was solidified. Mexico remains the world’s largest producer of silver, and for good reasons. Thanks to its beauty, malleability, luster and nobility, silver
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Spaces with character, The architecture of the new hotels of Los Cabos

Joaquín Précoma Valle

Architecture is a reflection of its time, the surrounding culture, the presiding history and the future that awaits. Adapt or die would be a fatalist and ambiguous argument. Should the architecture adapt to people or people to new trends and styles proposed by the most avant-garde firms? This is a difficult position in a world
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Solmar Hotels & Resorts

Located on the most exclusive beach of Los Cabos, Solmar Hotels & Resorts pampers guests with privacy right next door to the exciting downtown area of Cabo San Lucas. After completing the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa, this collection of hotels features a new gem with the beginning of Rancho San Lucas construction.
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By Jesús Corral

A little more than five decades have passed since the first tourist footprints appeared on the beaches of Costa Brava and Acapulquito. In those days, there was almost no construction to see, except for a few rooms at the Hotel Palmilla where operations had started eight years earlier, and the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, known
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The Strength behind Tendencia

Cristina Rodriguez

When Claudia, Diana, Soco and Romina arrived to discuss the idea of creating a magazine to promote our state of Baja California Sur, there was a pile of books on my desk by, among others, Miguel del Barco, Pablo L. Martinez, Harry W. Crosby, Martha Micheline Cariño and Rosa Elba Rodriguez. All were related to
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