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Stand Strong

WE LOVE OUR TOWN Officially established in September 2017, the activities of Anamos Nuestro Pueblo are focused on developing opportunities for the vulnerable population of Todos Santos. Mission: Help improve the area’s health, education, culture and environment. Vision: A community with more opportunities and less risk. Donations and Information Rosa Isela Ramirez Tel. (612) 127-3216
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Cave paintings in Baja California Sur

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

Rock paintings are considered the oldest intangible cultural item in the world. In Mexico, it’s possible to find expressions of this nature in different places. For example, the Baja California peninsula has several areas where you can appreciate the beauty of cave art. It is appropriate to mention here that the National Institute of Anthropology
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From dusty road to the Camino Real in Southern California

Rosamaría Mendoza Salgado

The geography of the California peninsula has been delineated over thousands of years by trails carved through plains, valleys, crests of the sierra, and over the earth, sand and rocks trodden by the indigenous people who populated this land. The paths joined ranches and places inhabited by Californios where there were watering holes and land
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Mission Ruins

Anthony Quartuccio

My primary interest was to sketch and paint as many missions and ruins as I could find and time would permit. There are some 30 to 36 missions, depending on how they are listed. Catholic missionaries established the Baja California missions from 1697 to 1768. With their crumbling adobe walls, most of the missions are
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The Legend

Juan Melgar

They refused to be heroes Gathered in an enormous metal shed in Santa Rosalia, representatives of the miners, foundry workers, mechanics, cable car and power plant operators deliberated over the time when strikers would begin picketing the ore chutes, the mines, the train station, the port, the roads, and the workshops. The leaders of two
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Scented Soil

Dr. José Martín Olmos Ceseña

From rustic rafts and galleons to majestic sport fishing vessels. The symbiosis of history and imagination with the past and future make this scented soil one of the most wonderful places in the world. The nautical history of the southcalifornians seas perhaps began with the Guaycuras, Pericues and Cochimies Indians who were nomads. On handmade
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Enrique Hambleton

Well before humans entered what we now know as the Californias there were trails made by animals necessarily searching for water. The first explorers of this land in prehistoric times found maps drawn upon the land by the species that lived there. As a result of deciphering and following these maps they were able to
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