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A Photographer Adventures

Originally from Jalisco, Rosaura Rodriguez, photographer, graphic designer, mother, and wife, portrays unique moments in her search to convey the different sensations that life gives. “Nervous but willing”, Rosaura receives the Tendencia team at her gallery in downtown San Jose del Cabo. At her gallery, 12 Mexican folklore images are exposed. The photographs that are
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Stand Strong

Fundación Nunca Dejes de Volar A.C. Salvador de Haro Inda created the foundation in 2014 after receiving a miraculous second chance in his fight against cancer. Since that time, he has shared a message of hope to those who battle the same disease.   Mission Help children and adults during the most difficult moments of
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Baja California Sur

From the flavor of the Ranch and the mountains, to the most sophisticated culinary creations: touring the Southern Baja California peninsula is also an adventure on the palate. The food of this region has a rich history that goes from legends guaycuras and a missionary era, until the last years in which there has been
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Baja California Sur cuenta con una amplia riqueza gastronómica que abarca desde antiguas recetas hasta elaborados y refinados platillos.

Gastronomy La Paz

The rich gastronomic wealth of Baja California Sur ranges from ancient recipes to elaborate and refined dishes. Today, the capital of the state offers a variety of cooking styles provided by a diverse number of restaurants where the incorporation of fresh local products are the main ingredients.   Fish and Meat * Bismark-cito * Claro
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De vino, dátiles y queso “Uno es nadie para asegurar todo como si todo supiera, pero en propósito de vinos, dátiles y queso se me figura que no ando tan errado a la hora de echar un cuarto a espadas acerca de las suyas virtudes.

The Legend

Juan Melgar

Of wine, dates and cheese It is not possible for one person to know everything. However, when it comes to wine, dates and cheese, I am confident in my ability to write an article that praises their virtues. There will be a few reasonable people in California who will challenge my fervent affair of tasting
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Transfórmate y vive en equilibrio Todos necesitamos una palabra de ánimo cuando decidimos hacer un cambio en nuestra alimentación.

Californian Literature

Transform yourself and live in balance We all need words of encouragement when we decide to make a change in our diet. Through these pages, Rebecca becomes an ally and friend for those who seek to improve their health through balanced food. Written in simple language, the author shares her transformation experience for those who
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Sustentabilidad es aprovechar los recursos naturales en el presente sin afectar el consumo de las generaciones futuras.

Green Divas

“Sustainability is the method of taking advantage of natural resources in the present without affecting the consumption of future generations.” After the recession of 2009, the cafeteria plan was postponed. However, Didi’s interest in caring for the environment continued. At the moment, she is focused on educating people about the benefits of using biodegradable disposable
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Sigma Foodservice, proveedor líder en el mercado por brindar soluciones integrales liderada regionalmente por el Ing.

Sigma Foodservice

Sigma Foodservice is a leading provider of integrated solutions. Led by regional director Ing. Ivan Sanchez, Sigma Foodservices produces a series of events called Chef to Chef. Ana Belen Cortez, chef and culinary advisor to Sigma, meets with fellow chefs to cook and spend pleasant moments among friends who share the same passion for cooking.
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Descubra, vea y disfrute al máximo Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar.

Sheraton Grand Los Cabos

Discover and enjoy the Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar to the fullest.   ROOMS AND SUITES 270 spacious rooms, including 31 suites with Sheraton flagship bed, Jacuzzi, shower, private balcony or patio, high speed Internet access, satellite television, mini bar, coffee maker and safe. Smoke detectors and sprinklers.   RESTAURANTS AND ENTERTAINMENT De
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Ivan Mucharratz   Thierry Blouet Afirma el trabajo que realizamos, da buenos resultados y la gente lo nota.  Eso nos motiva para continuar trabajando.

Culinary Awards Red Carpet

Ivan Mucharratz   Thierry Blouet I am very happy to receive this nomination. It affirms the work that has been accomplished, and people notice the results. That motivates me to continue working.   Guillermo Téllez   Poncho Cadena   Javier Plasencia   Osvaldo Vázquez It has been a pleasant surprise to have received seven nominations
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With Local Flavors

When traveling through any city in the world, it is always smart to first visit the tourist attractions that are recommended by the crowds of travelers who frequent them every year. Many of these attractions are the most representative of the city because of their history, their beauty and their traditions. They generate the greatest
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True Luxury

Luis Ruiz

In Mexico, we are crazy for good design. It is no coincidence that our country was chosen “2018 design capital of the world.” Although Los Cabos has traditionally been known for fantastic culinary offerings, the tsunami of restaurants with high quality architecture and interior design that has emerged is relatively recent. The goal of each
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One & Only Palmilla

The collaboration of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the executive chef of One&Only Palmilla Larbi Dahrouch, Stuart Roger, the executive chef of Seared, and Alejandro Aviles, the wine manager, has done a remarkable job of offering unparalleled culinary experiences at One&Only Palmilla. Collaboration is the path the resort has chosen to constantly innovate and offer the finest in
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Ladera San José

Ladera San José is a residential community that provides the benefits of the  San José del Cabo life style. A comfortable and safe life is facilitated by being near daily necessities. Ladera San Jose is surrounded by Picacho McGregor School, a prominent private school with all grade levels, a hospital and doctor offices in Hospital
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Del Cabo Good Vibes!

When we talk about design and event planning, we imagine incredible destination events in the best hotels or locations in Los Cabos with the trendiest furniture and the latest decorations. Del Cabo Event Design is a company dedicated to successful corporate events, weddings and social events. With more than 15 years experience in the market
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Presentation of Nominees

On April 9, the nominations for the first edition of CULINARY AWARDS Los Cabos were announced. Representatives of the registered restaurants and special guests gathered for an extraordinary cocktail reception at the newly opened resort Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas. Sergio Iván Bautista, a partner at Crowe Howarth Gossler, the audit company that counted
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Jesús Corral

The extraordinary cuisine of Los Cabos is no longer a secret. It is a well-known fact that the culinary arts have been developing exponentially in recent years to such a degree that few other places can afford to have the level of chefs and the variety of cuisine that exist today here at the end
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Ivan Mucharratz   Thierry Blouet Afirma el trabajo que realizamos, da buenos resultados y la gente lo nota.  Eso nos motiva para continuar trabajando.

A Note from the Editor

This was a year of new experiences for TENDENCIA, beginning with an alliance with PR Solutions to make the Culinary Awards Los Cabos 2018 possible. This first time event recognized the best gastronomy in the region. We learned a lot. The dynamics and interaction with the restaurants allowed us to understand the value of this
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La Roca restaurant once again earns a Traveler’s Choice Award on TripAdvisor.

For travelers to truly appreciate the destinations they visit, they must learn the official name, the history, the legends, and of course, taste at least one of the regional dishes. Maybe that’s why La Roca International Cuisine is one of the favorite restaurants for travelers and locals alike. At TENDENCIA, we decided to once again
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