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Stand Strong

GENTE JOVEN POR UN CAMBIO, A.C. was founded in 2012 by Mr. Bill Ash and Mrs. Onagh Ash. They were motivated by their love for the young people in the community of Los Cabos. The association’s mission is to empower children and young people ages 10 to 17 so that they can use their own
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Rocks near Cataviña

Anthony Quartuccio

Immense boulders transform the landscape into a spectacular rock garden near Cataviña. Thousands of rocks ranging in size from marbles to housetops are scattered for miles as though they were tumbled by the giant hand of nature. Cirio and cactus plants are wedged among the boulders, battling their way upward, creating an incredible sight. Every
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The Magic of Loreto

Felipe de Jesús Silva Ortega

Located in the beautiful State of Baja California Sur, facing the Gulf of California and sheltered by the majestic Sierra de La Giganta, is a wonderful place with a warm climate and bountiful natural riches. It may seem like Mother Nature created a model of perfect landscapes, flora and fauna for the delight of those
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ORIGIN OF CULINARY TRADITIONS The municipality of Comondu is a melting pot of food traditions. This Southern California oasis encapsulates the long history of colonization, from the missionary stage to the food prepared by the families of the Santo Domingo agricultural valley in the middle of the 20th century. A panoramic view reveals culinary traces
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Todos Santos

Todos Santos, with its cobble-stone streets, well preserved buildings and the warmth of its people, this picturesque town is located at the edge of an oasis. Perhaps that is why visitors consider it a refuge of inspiration. It is a place to fall asleep under a starry sky and wake up with the first rays
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La Paz

  The natural treasures of La Paz make it the ideal location to develop and participate in unique high-performance sports competitions. They also provide the necessary ingredients for the delicious dishes that we enjoy at culinary festivals. Some events to note on the 2019 agenda: Le Tour de France stage in La Paz – 2019
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The Legend

The Giants of the Sierra The cave paintings in the San Francisco de la Sierra were made known to the world in the year 1962 through an article published in a magazine by Erle Stanley Gardner, an American writer of mystery novels. From that date on, the monumental figures of men and animals colored red
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Californian Literature

Commerce and tourism in the Southern California municipality of La Paz (1697-2016) Rosa Maria Mendoza Salgado, author and contributor to TENDENCIA, graduated as preschool teacher from the Urban Normal School Professor Domingo Carballo Felix in La Paz. Because of her vocation and love for her land, she has been an independent cultural promoter spreading Mexican
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Cabo Cocktail Festival

Los Cabos is experiencing a great moment in time with international events taking advantage of the fantastic locations that support all kinds of activities. Each organizing committee faces its own challenges. The greatest is to gain acceptance in the collective opinion. People must be presented with novel ideas day after day to gain and keep
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Social by Tendencia

LOS CABOS FILM FEST RED CARPET AND TRIBUTES From November 7-10, 2018 Los Cabos was dressed up with celebrities who walked the red carpet at the opening and closing galas. It was a successful edition number seven of the Los Cabos Film Festival. Visionary director Terry Gilliam received the Exceptional Contribution to Cinema History tribute.
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Scented Soil

“The best dish, the best chef, the best restaurant” … It is understood in the air, in the butterflies of the stomach, in the bloodshot eyes, in the infinite desire, in the overflowing and absolute pleasure… the result? the purest food, the purest energy, in the one who has given up on reason, from the
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Sportfishing in Los Cabos

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

“Maybe I should not be a fisherman, but that’s what I was born for.” The Old Man and the Sea-Ernest Hemingway June began hot this year with clear, sunny skies in Baja California Sur (BCS). The month also coincided with a sad event for sport fishing, the death of Bob Bisbee, founder of the international
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The world of wine in Mexico

  Pedro Poncelis Master Sommelier While working in the restaurants of the Grand Velas resort, Pedro Poncelis has tools and clothing that elegantly identify him as a sommelier. He began our talk with words that denote his knowledge and he spoke with respect and enthusiasm about his profession. Pedro was named 2000 Sommelier of the
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From the desk of Laura G. Bueno

The human essence of creating and the beauty of appreciating every form of representation that astonishes the senses is the definition of: Culture. It is any manifestation of humans that enhances values and forms the traditions and beliefs of a people that endure, transcend and gives identity to a civilization. Mexico as a country has
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Come back with a fish or a suntan

Andrew Wale

The coast of Baja California Sur is famous for its abundant species of fish. There’s everything from marlin, tuna, and sailfish to the smaller snapper and skipjack. Of course, there are also the famous Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament. Thousands of tourists come to Baja California Sur just to fish for fun and relaxation. But
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Sabor a Cabo

“Los Cabos is a magical destination with excellent infrastructure, tropical warmth and a degree of spirituality that makes it an ideal place to live.” Gianmarco Vela Sabor a Cabo came straight from the heart of visionaries such as Edith Jimenez, Carmen Carbajal, Jacobo Turquie, Alfonso Vazquez, Ulises Mendez, Denis Gabriel, Luis Alvarado, Jorge Viaña, Billy
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Extreme Sailing Series

“Los Cabos is a unique destination. It allows us to operate in an iconic background and targets a market in Latin America and gives the series a Spanish speaking touch!” Scott Over, Commercial Manager “Being the iconic destination that it is, bringing the Extreme Sailing Series to these waters just makes sense. From my first
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Los Cabos International Film Festival

“The experience of working at the Festival taught me that there is no such thing as a small project and that when dreams are well thought out and defined, they become realities that grow in a solid and meaningful way.” Maru Garzon, Artistic Director. “Participating in the seventh edition of a festival that has consistently
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Bisbee’s Black & Blue

“All work is enslaving, but when we do the things we like, the chains disappear.” Chatting with someone who for 20 years has been the operative right arm of the most important fishing tournament in Los Cabos made it perfectly clear that those who passionately enjoy their work will be able to look back without
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Los Cabos Open Tennis Tournament 250

“The main attraction, of course, is the tennis. For the ATP players, however, there are many entertainment options revolving around this event. Those who played in the 2017 or 2018 tournaments are more likely to come back the following year.” Director Geoffrey Fernández How did the idea of bringing the ATP to Los Cabos come
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Los Cabos Open of Surf

All the great events now established in this destination have an interesting beginning. Abelardo Juarez & Ulises Torres share their passion for surfing, as well as their commitment to Los Cabos and we share how their idea became a mission dedicated to promoting a festival that celebrates a lifestyle of sun and sand. The original
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The Interview, Chef Ángel Carbajal

Angel Carbajal is the chef of Nick-San and has overseen the popular Japanese restaurant in Los Cabos since the beginning. The restaurant is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary! In this interview, Angel takes on a journey of his memories from his beginnings. He helps us understand the value and, at the same time, the
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Jesus Corral

Like any community in our country, San Jose del Cabo was home to social events where everyone loved to participate. The gatherings were very happy, very colorful, and always surrounded by warmth, either from the weather or from the people. The orchards, the beaches, the squares and the streets were all ideal settings to host
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A Note from the Editor

The calendar of annual events which locals and travelers are able to enjoy in Los Cabos is very dynamic! Sports, cinema, gastronomy, cultural events, business fairs, romance, fashion, conferences and concerts are here to enjoy. All undoubtedly add prestige to our destination, events also encourage interaction between locals and travelers that reflect the spirit of
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