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Stand Strong

Dibujando Nuestros Sueños A.C. Over a span of 11 years promoting the rights of the child, Dibujando Nuestros Sueños has used ludic, or spontaneous play, as a main education tool to motivate each child to find the best in him or herself. At the same time, the organization develops the skills necessary to build a
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Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Spa Consultant

Jim Croghan

According the Global Wellness Institute, spa consultants and spa management consultants are “paid professionals who specialize in helping companies to define and achieve their goals, whether financial or cultural.” They also provide a wide array of services to real estate developers, hotel and resort owners and operators, and owners and operators of existing spas. For spas
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Golf courses and their design

Joaquin Précoma Valle

Los Cabos has become a favorite national and international golf destination. According to Golf Digest, there were 220 golf facilities in Mexico in 2018 and 12 of the 16 finest courses were right here. Even better, Los Cabos is home to four of the top 100 courses in the world. The Querencia course is number
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Scented Soil

Dr. José Martín Olmos Ceseña

There is a majestically place of immense natural beauty in the vicinity of the Sierra de la Laguna. It is called Rancho Santa Rita and it is dedicated to alternative tourism. The serrano circuit of the northern area of ​​the municipality of Los Cabos is composed of several ranches that make the most of their
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La Paz

GOLF & SPAS You deserve La Paz You are invited to visit a surprising destination in a unique land. You are invited to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur. Here, the desert and sea mix in a special, whimsical and colorful way. The majestic mountains and white sand beaches combine with turquoise waters.
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Californian Literature

Armando Manriquez, Painting and Memory It is vitally important to the culture of a society that constructive criticism and expert reporting on the visual arts are encouraged. The work and collection of art compiled in this volume are an authoritative aid for understanding the number of collective exhibitions, as well as the painters in the
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The Legend

Pearl Fishing in La Paz A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work. For those who enjoy waking up early, watching the sun coming up over the horizon and feeling the sea breeze, a day of fishing is more than a job. It is a true delight and a pleasure.
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Culinary Awards, two years of celebrating our Los Cabos gastronomy

Los Cabos, Mexico’s premium tourist destination, is blessed with a natural setting that offers a spectacular mix of sea and desert. Over time, Los Cabos has worked hard to establish an exclusive range of accommodations and activities that captivate the most demanding audiences, the “Los Cabos Experience” is complemented by the height of gastronomy that
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Jesus Corral

It seems like just a short time ago, and yet it has been 26 years since Cabo Real opened a golf course in Los Cabos. I mention the milestone because at the time the social life in this destination was relatively modest. It pretty much revolved around any event that attracted attention. In those days,
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