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Nutrition and Breast Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization active through different events to support women with breast cancer. Last Saturday 13 April, a conference about nutrition by Diana Peñuelas was held. She talked about what types of food benefits your health when treatment is in course against cancer.   Diana addressed the importance of preventive education insisting on doing mammograms and self-exams so you can detect the changes
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Rituals at SE Spa Grand Velas

Among large walls of earthy color that resemble the desert dunes of Baja California Sur and aromas that instinctively relax you, SE Spa welcomes you. Each area of the spa is unique. It allows the guest to live an exceptional experience, where all the details are taken care of for a relaxing moment.  One of its signature treatments is the “Xocolatl Gourmet” and starts with
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Artistic night, Gala de Danza

Art manifests itself in different forms, music, dance, singing, and acting are just some of them. On Saturday, April 6, an architecturally imposing venue was the venue for the 7th edition of the Los Cabos Dance Gala. The Viceroy hotel transformed into an open-air theater. The buildings served as giant screens for viewers, which were
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