Severino Gómez

Is recognized worldwide for his achievements in the hotel industry. His innovative business plans have earned him the well-deserved title of “Knight of the Hotel and Catering Industry.”

Jesús Manuel Corral González

Entrepreneur, born in Mexico, DF; has a bachelor in Business Administration, and is specialized in Finance and Tourism. Is a radio announcer, editor and writer. He has taught in Washington, D.C., Mexico City and Los Cabos Universities; he has also participated in governmental organizations such as the Secretary of Tourism in the municipality of Los Cabos, CANACO, Consejo Coordinador Empresaial (Business Coordinator Council) and Skal just to name a few.

Armando Figaredo Cantú

Was born in Mexico City. He graduated from the Escuela Oficial del Ministerio de Informacion y Turismo (Official School of the Information and Tourism Ministry) in Madrid, Spain. Armando has also worked as a television and radio reporter and producer.

Enrique Hambleton Von Borstel

Photographer, writer and conservationist, Senor Von Borstel has spent forty years in the exploration and preservation of Baja California cave paintings. In 1993, he successfully promoted the designation of the Sierrra de San Francisco as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. His efforts to preserve the work of Mexico’s first great muralists continues.

Cristina Rodríguez Bremer

Is a descendant of a pioneering family in the Los Cabos tourism industry. She earned a degree in Linguistics in Florence, Italy and managed the Hotel Palmilla for nearly 10 years. Later, she ventured into the field of gastronomy. Cristina is a tireless promoter of culture in Baja California.

Ricardo Ampudia

Comunicólogo , writer and founder and Chairman of the University Center of Communication . It has been a promoter of cultural and tourism development in Mexico , occupying positions in both the public and private sectors , Deputy General Consul of Mexico in Houston , Undersecretary of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism , Director General of the National Fund for Tourism Development and partner Style magazine founder Mexico , among others.

Gabriel Fonseca

Born in La Paz, Baja California in 1969. His college education took place in San José
del Cabo. He graduated cum laude in Communications Science in 2003 at the UNIVER campus in Los Cabos. In April 2016 was named City Chronicler.

Oscar Ortíz

Originally from Mexico City, Tourism Business Manager by profession and businessman; since his childhood, live close to the sea was his biggest dream, and now life has given to him this dream, in this environment discovered his great passion, scuba diving, he also is a great underwater photographer. Here he found the opportunity to create and develop a company that has shown the charm of this tourist destination, now “Cabo Expedition” is a leader in alternative tourism and for recreation.

Yandi Monardo

Influenced by “constructivist art,” Yandi inevitably reflects the joy of Mexico and its history through emerging issues of the contemporary. As a multidisciplinary artist is restless innovator, playful, handles the language and symbolism of Baja California; colors and desert elements are obvious in his work.