The order of the Society of Jesuits was founded by Ignatius Loyola, the Spanish religious, Castillian military and poet. The initial purpose of the Jesuits was evangelize the Turks in Palestine, upon approval of this order by the Pope in 1540, became an important struggle of the Roman Catholic Church against Protestantism and the beginning of the Counter Reform.

The Jesuits had in their brotherhood, brave and daring men for whom the most important thing was to work in missions. Upon the arrival to San Bruno, Baja California Sur in 1683 led by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, they founded a small mission built with tents and brittle materials, which failed because of the climate.


Father Juan Maria de Salvatierra heard stories about California, began his work getting resources to carry out the evangelization of the land they called their attention because religious would have to bear the costs of issuance and maintenance. Arriving at Loreto and becoming familiar with the native people founded the first mission now known as “Head and Mother of all the Missions of Alta and Baja California”.

From there they would take great strength and firm initiate colonization of Baja and Alta California. Loreto was a magical place that gave the Jesuits the first fertile settlement, who left a legacy of history through each mission built.

The geographical location, the climate and low populations in Loreto and surroundings magnify their efforts, especially their commitment to the vision despite adverse circumstances, historical proof is the construction of 17 missions.

His architectural work has been preserved and although some buildings have disappeared, many others remain to this day, perhaps with radical changes such as the use of concrete and tiles to avoid structural damage.

In the architectural sets a pattern was not followed, they varied as the materials used such as wood, shell lime, palm and adobe.



Is considered the “Mother and head of all the missions of the Californias” for being the starting point of all missionaries to the rest of the region, under the protection of Our Lady of Loreto, patroness of the traveler, crowned the high altar of the Mission of Loreto.

The annexes, which served as rooms, currently operate as a museum run by the National Institute of Anthropology and History and the temple where original paintings are preserved.

By making a detailed description of the Mission of Loreto in its structural aspect, they have found the remains of foundations that give a clear idea of how big this mission was.

From the Missions and visits founded by the Jesuit Order in California in 1683-1769 a unique history of struggle and survival, of vocation is extracted; going beyond a religious conquest, the Jesuits fell in love with Baja California, believed the essence of the earth and the nobility that aroused his people, their religious ambition transcended these works of architecture, they managed to conceive what now opens the doors to an extraordinary past.



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