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My Mexican Wedding

By Marcela Azcona

Writing about a Mexican Wedding is as delicate as actually organizing the event. It is one of the most anticipated and important days in a woman’s life. Capturing every emotion on a sheet of paper that emerges during that day is a daunting challenge. Nevertheless, I promise to provide some fond insights into mine.  
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Californians and Marriage

Eligio Moisés Coronado Chronicler of the City of La Paz The Mexican Jesuit Francisco Javier Clavijero wrote the History of Antigua or Baja California, even though he was never in this part of New Spain. His four volumes were based on already published information reported by his colleagues who served as ministers on the California
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Anniversaries and Renewal of Vows

The tradition of giving the couple an object on their anniversary symbolizes the strength of their relationship and offers wishes of prosperity. Although the origin of this custom is uncertain, it has been passed from generation to generation. The gifts given each year were once made of different materials from the most fragile, such as
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Family Stories

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

Marriages have always been an important part of the social capital of Baja California and a vital component in shaping the socio-historical aspects of the peninsula. For families engaged in business enterprises, marriages served to not only consolidate economic capital through the union of wealth and the generation of new business but fostered social networks that
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