Common Table

Enviably located in the Cabo San Lucas marina,in Common Table guests enjoy beautiful views from the terrace in a casual atmosphere. The inside is cozy with original decorations making it ideal for conversations or just having a good time.

Urban kitchen, locally grown produce, fresh ingredients, distinctive mixology and wines from Baja California, sustainable seafood, personalized service, sharing a table with family and friends or making new friends.


You will love the urban-style dishes. The menu features fresh and organic local produce.

In the bar, gifted mixologists prepare cocktails with fruit and vegetable syrups. The result is a deliciously fresh taste.











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Issue 26 - Gastronomy
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Los Cabos is experiencing a culinary boom. The growing number of renowned chefs living here is proof this area has become a top attraction. Some of the chefs are responsible for restaurants that have been favorites for years and continue to maintain that title. Others have been attracted by the beauty of Los Cabos and the potential for establishing their successful kitchen in this destination.