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Cesar Pita a traveling chef in Los Cabos

Originally from Queretaro, Cesar Pita grew up in his grandparent’s restaurant located in the first hotel in the state. His childhood was an environment of markets and groceries shops filled with fresh and varied products that were always accompanied by attentive service. “I can’t remember when I didn’t spend time in the kitchen. After school,
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The Good Times Breakfast

He walked with his chest out and a general’s look of complete control. His red and yellow feathers glowed in the sunlight. The golden cock was a spoiled bird at my grandparent’s house. A little after dawn, he took a very calculated flight across the courtyard to arrive with a perfect landing at the gate
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The Ink of my Body

When it's darker, you'll see the sunrise

Having a virtual launch of a book is something new that Jairo Torres, author of La Tinta de mi cuerpo (The Ink of my Body), decided to do in the midst of the circumstances we are experiencing at the moment. Finding alternatives for social spaces and looking for ways to connect virtually is one of
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¡Viva La Plaza!

Music, dance and colors. The center of Cabo San Lucas comes alive with local artists, regional producers and restaurants that create a festive atmosphere. Amelia Wilkes Plaza, the location of Kilometer 0 of the spectacular road that crosses the Baja California peninsula, invites you each day of the week to live different experiences: meat, tacos
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The Interview: Beatriz Eugenia Macias

Originally from Jalisco, Beatriz arrived in the Santo Domingo Valley, Baja California Sur, 48 years ago. The love of her spouse and the adrenaline for the adventure she undertook were sufficient reasons for her to gratefully adopt this land as her home. “This place gave me everything. My husband and I arrived with our car,
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The union, the spirit of Los Cabos

Once again, Los Cabos stands out for the organization of its associations and the strategies of its representatives both abroad with commercial partners and within the destination. The key is in alliances and continuous communication. The Los Cabos Tourism Board backed by the various associations and councils of the tourism sector has communicated in a
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Discover the gastronomy of Los Cabos

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Los Cabos

The multiple influences from Asian, European and definitely the Mexican cuisine, have contributed to the great gastronomic scene in Los Cabos. Made up of unique traditions, luscious ingredients -including the best seafood-, prominent restaurants, renowned chefs and mind-blowing recipes, the gastronomy of the region is as local as cosmopolitan. What is interesting to see in
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La Paz, port of illusion

When we think about being isolated in La Paz, we simply imagine the splendid skies between oranges, vermilions and shades of pink or lilac of the sunset. Although the authorities have forbidden social gatherings and visits to public beaches for now, looking up from the windows of our houses can give our mind and spirit
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We are Los Cabos

Los Cabos has always been a unique destination. Perhaps the mysticism of this place located at “Land’s End“ or the warmth of its people distinguishes it. The truth is that through difficult circumstances our greatest strength, unity, stands out. We recall the ravages that have occurred in the past, such as Hurricane Odile in 2014,
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