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Tendencia celebrates 10 years

Stand Strong: Alianza Comunitaria

“The strength of a society is determined by how it cares for the most vulnerable members.” Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) is a state-wide network of civil participants who respond to catastrophic emergencies. Created in 2020 in response to the potential food crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the alliance is an organized private
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The Baja California Sur economy

Cristina Ortiz Manzo

The native cactus of Baja California Sur are peculiar plants. They develop a symbiotic relationship with their environment, existing in wild landscapes with scarce rain. They are even capable of growing on rocks. After many years, they majestically spread their “arms” and appear as warning sentinels on the horizon. The last part of the description
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Guest Destination: El Triunfo

The Origin

El Triunfo had no indigenous name. The village was established long after any of the native settlements. El Triunfo is located between Marino (Santa Ana) and Airapí (La Paz), a few leagues from Aiñini (Santiago). The spot used to be a small ranchería called Las Casitas. The current name comes from a mine. Jorge Amao
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Conversations about the history of Los Cabos

Californian Literature

Portrait of the Author Jose Manuel Villalpando was born on October 4, 1957 in Mexico City. He studied law at the Escuela Libre de Derecho and has served as the coordinator of Historical Research at the Clio publishing house (1988–1998); a consultant and the person in charge of the historical research for the award-winning TV
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The Baja California Sur Historical Archive

The Legend - Eligio Moisés Coronado

In the late 1970s, Dr. Miguel Leon-Portilla decided to go to Baja California Sur. While in La Paz, he gave two lectures on Californian history. It was then that, as director of the Institute of Historical Research of UNAM, he questioned the whereabouts of the institute’s historical files. After a moment of confusion, when others
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That Glorious Yesterday

Gabriel Fonseca Verdugo

If I told you that during the twenties of the last century in San Jose del Cabo, it was perfectly normal to go for a walk on the beach or the Estero wearing glamorous clothes and arriving in the latest model car bought from the second Ford dealership in Mexico that was located on the
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A boom in Japanese cuisine in Los Cabos

Beyond sushi and the usual flavors that are part of Japanese cuisine, globalization has made dishes available that we didn’t even know existed. As a result, cultural alliances have been forged that have exposed us to new tastes such as umami, a true surprise for the senses. Experts and amateur foodies alike appreciate the fearless
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A South Californian Eden

Scented Soil - Dr. OImos Ceseña

Nothing has done more than travel to remove the veil of ignorance, illuminate the human mind, expand the field of vision, stimulate new desires, remove international obstacles such as hatred and prejudice, achieve more intense relationships between the different races of the world and a better understanding between them, while at the same time laying
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Tendencia among friends: Renato Mendonca

Culinary Awards

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Renato grew up in the Copacabana tourist area, surrounded by the many languages that make up the world of hospitality. By beginning his career with the Sheraton chain, he had the opportunity to travel and visit different places around the world. Renato has lived in Los Cabos for 12
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Tendencia among friends: Raul Petraglia

Petraglia & Partners

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he proudly considers himself a repeat guest and host of our Town. On three occasions he has been attracted to Los Cabos to develop projects that have been important milestones in his career. “My first professional achievement in Los Cabos was the development of the concept of the ME brand, becoming the VP Area for the
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Virtual tournament 2020 comes to Los Cabos

The Mifel Tennis Open presented by Cinemex has a new championship from July 20 to 25: Cabo Legends Championship. This tournament will take place on the social platforms of @abiertoloscabos Geoffrey Fernández, director of ATP 250 comments for Tendencia that this tournament measures the approach players have with their fans, through healthy entertainment in a
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