The Legend

Agua Verde is a long established rural community. It can be reached by taking a detour off the road three miles from Puerto Chale. The property takes advantage of the fertile soil and the rain that falls in the region to grow fruits and vegetables.

Chava had lived many months at Agua Verde preparing the Cosio’s land for sowing. Under the pressures brought by time, he and other companions worked the parcel day and night. It was on one of those nights, around two o’clock in the morning, when Chava saw the first apparition. A beautiful black horse slowly climbed a path on the face of a cliff about 80 to 100 feet in height.

Chava could not believe his eyes. The steepness of the cliff made it impossible to climb. The horse, however, walked up with apparent ease. The rider, of which only the back could be seen, remained upright and firmly seated on his mount. When the horse and rider reached the top, they disappeared.

The following morning, Chava told Mr. Martin about the strange apparition. Mr. Martin replied, “Ah yes, we have seen that rider many times. He always goes up but never comes down so we don’t know who he is.”

On another occasion, one of Chava’s companions saw a fifteen year-old girl walking by the ranch one night until she was lost in the trees. Intrigued, he went to the place where she disappeared, but no matter how much he looked, she was never found.

“She must be the young lady in white,” Mr. Cosio explained. “Many have chased her but none have ever been able to catch her. She always disappears by the fig tree,” he continued. “An old man with a long white beard has also been seen seated in the shade of a Guayabo tree. When someone tries to reach him, he disappears as well.”

“The same thing happens in the house. We sense the presence of someone who makes himself known with a swirl of air, the banging of doors and windows, and objects thrown on the floor.”  Finally Chava asked Mr. Martin why he thought all the apparitions inhabited the farm.

Mr. Martin explained, “The only reason is the story the locals tell about the people who lived here many years ago. According to them, there is a buried treasure that provoked serious disagreements between the owners who ended up killing each other.”

The apparitions have been present at the farm of Agua Verde for more than 40 years. You can see the holes made by treasure diggers hoping to find the cursed treasure.

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