Californian Literature

Biography of the Author

María Estela Beltrán Márquez was born in 1936 to a family with deep roots in Baja California Sur. She worked for the radio station XENT and is a permanent member of social organizations such as the Rotary Club of La Paz. Maria’s interest in poetry and writing began at an early age. This collection is a compilation of all her past writings and came about at the request of her children.

Portrait of the Book

Through poetry, Maria Estela communicates intimate themes saved in the memory files of her heart. Sometimes using a rigorous metrical style with strict rhyme, and other times employing free verse or assonance, the author describes her feelings and experiences. We soon discover these are emotions we all feel. The 55 poems of this warm and enveloping book easily capture the reader.


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Edición 24 - Bodas
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