My Mexican Wedding

By Marcela Azcona


Writing about a Mexican Wedding is as delicate as actually organizing the event. It is one of the most anticipated and important days in a woman’s life. Capturing every emotion on a sheet of paper that emerges during that day is a daunting challenge. Nevertheless, I promise to provide some fond insights into mine.


Everything begins with a ritual in which the groom enters into a kind of complicit pact with the father of the bride to make a marriage proposal. From there, the groom determines how to orchestrate the magical moment  when he will surprise the bride with the engagement ring. Once they have the title of “fiancé”, they decide together how and when to make the “hand request”.

Many people may think that is very old-fashioned but, as a woman, I can say it is one of the most beautiful and necessary moments. It is a way for both sides to declare that the groom has their blessing.



Over the course of planning for the wedding, many bridal showers are held. There are religious showers, gifts-for-the-home showers, the showers organized by the mothers and, of course, the traditional trip with friends.

In my case, I chose my wedding dress while on a trip with my mother and sister. It was the second dress I tried on. My search ended there. It was then that I remembered there are three days of festivities ahead and that all the people I appreciate will take the time to accompany me on the wedding! They deserved to be treated like royalty from the time of their arrival until the moment they left.

The hand request is a Mexican tradition in wich a gathering of the immediate family of each side is arranged so that the groom’s father asks the bride’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage to the groom.



This is where the Mexican marathon begins. Day 1: The charming icebreaker. We decided to get married in a civil ceremony and have a more relaxed celebration without much protocol so that our guests could get to know each other. We finished at 5:00 AM. It was a success.

Day 2: The Big Day. I thought I was going to be nervous! But I really just felt such tremendous happiness that I could not stop smiling. Makeup artists, photographers, family and friends were all going in and out of my bedroom like crazy.


I did cheat a little. I could not contain my excitement and called my fiancé. He is my world, my best friend, my companion, my love. Upon hearing his voice, deep emotions ran through my entire being. After the call, my only thought was to run to him.

Everyone wondered why I had no nerves. I truly married happy and in love.

The church was really a dream come true. To me, everything was perfect. I had the most important thing that was, is, and always will be: my life partner. I never get tired of being grateful for all the blessings given to me. With my husband in hand, we continued to our great reception. Without a doubt, it provided an element of fun to the event.




Day 3: Post wedding. Everyone was tired, but as good Mexicans, we continued with a few tequilas and some seafood that would wake up anyone.