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Laura G. Bueno


Los Cabos simply has it all, unique landscapes and frank authenticity where everything seems to flow together to form one of the top luxury destinations in Mexico.

It has a successful history for its natural charm. It is a magical and attractive place, appreciated by those who visit it. Its location within the peninsula enhances everything around it. So other corners take empowerment to show their own identity and the environment characteristic.


Baja California Sur is an entity with a nature that resembles an island surrounded by the Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Arriving at this fringe of Mexico is of incomparable beauty, whether by land from the north traveling 1,000 miles, by boat or air.




Is one of the longest peninsulas on earth and surrounded by waters full of marine fauna. Biologists estimate that it has more than 4,000 species of plants and more than 800 species of fish in the marine waters. Around 80 percent of all species of marine mammals live in these waters or travel through them and approximately 600 species of birds inhabit or fly over on their migratory routes.



The State of Baja California Sur is composed of five municipalities. Although all are of great importance for their natural and cultural wealth, Los Cabos is the most visited tourist destination.

There’s sun, sand, sea, the desert, mountains, there are natural monuments such as the “Arch of Los Cabos”, beaches for swimming and surfing, islands, marine wildlife such as whales, reefs. There is golf, fishing, cave paintings, missions, art, range of architecture and especially hospitable people. All this defines us and reminds us that the majestic ocean, with each wave, gives us the energy and strength to create a unique, unstoppable and international destination.


Los Cabos is Mexico with a special touch. However, it is also an innovative place where people have the opportunity to work, be creative on a personal and professional level and lend their talents to a variety of services that benefit society. While we are surrounded by sea and sand, we have all the services of a civilized society.

We have the potential to materialize ideas and do it well. We are aware that Los Cabos has a natural environment we need to preserve. The destination is known for being the world’s aquarium, with clean beaches and 10,000 years of whale visits. We never forget this is also our home.

This is a watershed moment for Los Cabos. We are redefining our human and natural potential after suffering the devastating strength of hurricane Odile. Like the black swan of the Tchaikovsky ballet, Odile hit Los Cabos hard and damaged other municipalities with heavy rains and ferocious winds.






The State of Baja California Sur after Odile is different than the State before. With the participation of both the private and public sectors, Los Cabos was quickly rebuilt. There was a feeling of solidarity in the Cabo community. Citizens had a voice in what was wanted. The tendency in Los Cabos is to come back stronger than ever.

Major projects are underway and investor have confidence in this place. Los Cabos, La Paz and municipalities in the north allows us to dream and plan for large developments. The nobility of this land, the inhabitants and the security of this destination are incomparable advantages. We have blank pages to continue our tourism history. The peninsula can offer an example to the world of a hospitable destination.

What symphony do we want to play in Los Cabos? We want a concert where nature is our director, where everyone consciously and responsibly joins in with a new instrument creating a harmonious symphony for all.

I recall John F. Kennedy’s words in his famous speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”



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