Costa Baja Resort & Spa

Eduardo Herrera


“The most important thing is service and hospitality, pampering our visitors so they can enjoy the natural beauty of La Paz. At the end of the day, they will treasure the experience of travel, adventure and friendly people.” Eduardo Herrera

CostaBaja Resort & Spa is the most complete development in the city of La Paz. The hotel boasts a marina, shopping center and a golf course designed by Gary Player. The 115 rooms, three condominiums and three fully equipped villas are perfect for vacations and the atmosphere lets you enjoy your stay and relax. The hotel’s location provides walking access to downtown with restaurants, galleries and entertainment along the boardwalk.



The lobby was designed by Rick Benton. All the design elements and the wooden floor creates the impression of being on board a passenger ship complete with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez.

In the Steinbeck restaurant, called the “Chef’s Table,” chef Alejandro shows off his cooking prowess and offers an impressive culinary experience of food and wine pairings. The chef promotes Mexican wines and uses products from the region to benefit local producers.




The resort’s signature drink is The Coyotito, a margarita with two ingredients that truly represent Baja California Sur, damiana liqueur and naranjitas.

In the Espiritu Spa, all therapists are reiki masters. It is a holistic spa, unique for the diversity of techniques and oils. Always innovating, Espiritu Spa now offers a new treatment aimed at muscle relaxation. Bags of hot seeds are used to apply a different essence to different regions and muscular needs.

La Paz is surrounded by beaches and outdoor activities. It is ideal for exploring and a superb complement to your visit to Baja California Sur.



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