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Wellness is a lifestyle that can be easily incorporated into your life.


In general, when you think about a vacation, the first thing that probably comes to mind is getting away from your daily environment and enjoying relief from the stress that comes from everyday routines. You look for a place where you can find peace, serenity and the ability to spend time with yourself and significant others.

It may be a place on your list where you can satisfy all your senses, where you can pamper yourself with tasty food and wonderful views, and/or where you can become knowledgeable about regional history, culture, cuisines, languages and have the opportunity to meet new people and live unforgettable experiences. After all, this world is full of enough colors, flavors and adventures to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Today, you don’t have to sacrifice all of the above or, actually, any of it in order to have a spa-cation. On the contrary, you can add to your experience by discovering this new world of wellness and find out why it is so trendy to be part of the change.


The trend has definitely been, and is, to use as many natural ingredients as possible through unique hands-on therapies performed with energy and spirituality and with an eye towards taking care of the environment. What we are doing at Eforea Spa is offer two journeys. The essential journey is what would be an essential part of all spas. Services such as the well-known Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage, and classic facials and body wraps. The second offering is the escape journey. We have reinvigorated the remedies that have been in our families for years using herbs, flowers and plants that we grow in our vertical garden and use to create treatments for different needs.

We are incorporating plants such as Sabila (Aloe Vera), agave, cactus and more. Herbs and flowers are also put to work including thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, sage, damiana (Baja desert flower) and jasmin. We make use of their healing properties in our different recipes. We are going back to the basics, where you take care of yourself in order to prevent illness and/or heal through natural ways. Without forgetting it is from nature that we get our healing ingredients, we are enormously committed to giving back by taking care of the environment.


Stress plays an important role when we talk about illness or discomforts. At Eforea Spa, we have different techniques for dealing with the problem. We like to customize remedies but, normally, we suggest the best way to get started is with our unique sunrise yoga on the beach. Then, of course, we suggest, depending on each case, some treatments or perhaps a Transformational Breathing class alternating with fitness activities that will make you sweat while having fun. Laughter is also a stress reliever, so we make sure you enjoy your time with us.


Well-being is not exclusively for adults. Eforea Spa is the perfect tool for creating awareness in our little ones about the importance of living in the new world of wellness. With our child friendly menu, we share the beauty of taking care of the mind, body and soul. They will also enjoy the programs we created with them in mind after taking all the feedback into consideration they provided. It is a joy when we have a child at the spa. They not only have the beautiful quality of enjoying every minute but they will add their genuine and true opinions of the service, facilities, therapists and overall experience. I deeply value their comments and suggestions. Enjoying the spa as a family is priceless. I promise the experience will be one of your most positive memories.


At Eforea Spa, we share our knowledge with passion and pride. We use our hands as instruments and ancient natural remedies to heal, relax and make our visitors feel better. We are wellness and wellness makes you happy. That is our true value.

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