It’s a well-known fact that fatigue requires treatments that vary according to each person and the degree of exhaustion. It would be very difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all program. However, what is certain is that no one escapes feeling tired at some point in a person’s life. Well-deserved vacations are probably the most-effective antidote and the best way to recharge and recover the energy needed for daily activities.

From everyday problems to major crises, people’s lives are being altered, inevitably causing fatigue or stress that accumulates and results in physical and emotional problems.

Just the very idea of organizing a wellness plan to counteract the negative effects of fatigue begins to produce a very important sense of change in the brain and in the body. The plan can range from a massage, an afternoon in a hot tub, a recreational sport, to much more elaborate plans that could include dietary changes, a personal training program, or very sophisticated therapies that can recover the required amount of energy and vitality.


Wellness has no limits. The idea is to obtain precisely what is necessary to recover a sense of tranquility. It’s funny, but no two wellness plans are alike. Each person must determine what is needed to build his or her own plan.

For some people, getting away from the noise and technology of civilization and finding isolation can be very satisfying. For others, it may be just the opposite. They find it in restaurants, bars, arts and entertainment and extreme sports.

Baja California Sur is the perfect setting to find a very wide range of possibilities and options that satisfy even the most demanding recreational plans.

Twenty percent of all Mexico’s coastline belongs to Baja California Sur. The state is perfect for those who enjoy recreational fishing and water sports, yachting or sailing, and stops at one of the many islands for observing endemic species of flora and unique fauna. It can also be an enriching experience for those who like to venture into small communities, tasting simple and authentic dishes prepared with regional ingredients, as well as exploring buildings and architecture dating to the missionary era of the sixteenth century.


Running, swimming, biking and surfing are just some sports that can be enjoyed at this destination. Thanks to Los Cabos becoming increasingly dynamic, major sporting events are being organized here such as the Marathon Los Cabos, Ironman, and the Los Cabos Open of Surf.

The growth of Los Cabos has made it possible for the destination to offer a range of services that pamper all the senses. There are experiences that make every moment here unique.

Feeling good is a physical, emotional and mental condition that requires various activities and depends on your lifestyle. We invite you to discover them. Come to Baja California Sur, where travel experiences can become personal achievements.

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Welcome to our Life in Balance issue. We hope you enjoy the interviews with the influential people of Los Cabos who have made wellness their life’s work. All are recognized experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports and they’re ready to share their valuable advice on the many different methods for getting and staying healthy.