Nature nourishes our senses

Environmentalists and experts in the study of human behavior have diagnosed the effect on societies in big cities that are surrounded by buildings and have a deficit of contact with nature. Among other things, the inhabitants suffer from anxiety, migraine headaches and depression, three of the great evils of society today.

The question arises that if there is abundant information on recycling, waste management, ecosystem preservation and more, why don’t people make real changes in their behavior?

[two_first] When researching and studying the relationship between several generations of humans and their environment, we realize this link is broken. Current generations acquire knowledge mostly through electronic media, books or movies. In times past, it was through experience. In other words, man and nature have become detached proportionally to technological progress.

Today, most adults, children and youth live connected to a cable, phone, tablet, TV, computer, music player or video game.

For these generations, nature is something far away, found only at the park, beach, desert or mountains. Perhaps they believe it is not something that involves them and forget that everything around us is part of the environment.

The love of nature is a process that is learned through the five senses. The sounds, colors and smells of nature stimulate serotonin in our body that makes us feel good. Although moments in nature can be rest periods, like a vacation, they also nourish our senses and are essential to a balanced life.

[/two_first][two_second] The human being is also creature of nature. This nourishes our spirit. When we are in contact with nature, we achieve wellness and inspiration, our creativity is stimulated, and we feel more relaxed, more fulfilled and happier.

We protect what we love, we love what we know, and we know what we are taught.

To preserve nature, we must first save the species in greatest danger of extinction. That would humans in contact with nature.

Ecotourism serves to reconnect humans with nature and past cultures. Human beings are nourished through the senses. In these experiences we discover, observe, enjoy and, most importantly, remember. Isaac Newton said, “We are all standing on the shoulders of the giants of the past.”

The contact with nature is as necessary as nutrition and rest. Los Cabos is a destination that makes it easy to maintain this relationship as part of everyday living. This contributes to an excellent quality of life.

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Issue 29 - Life in Balance
Issue 29 - Life in Balance
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