Studio 24 Hair & Nails

Studio 24 is a team of trained professionals that will be with you through the entire process of getting ready for your big day. Wedding days can be long. Your makeup, hair and nails must be perfect and you will want everything to hold up through all the photos, dances, toasts, and selfies.

[two_first] Since you wear the engagement ring, we will take care of all the details. You’ll be ready for every intense moment. Makeup tests will be performed to achieve the look you have in mind and because every personality is different, we will focus on your style.

There will be many gatherings and you must look beautiful for every meeting. We know that for your special events and especially your wedding you must shine. Let us be a part!

Our modern facilities are nearby and our space is designed to pamper and take care of every need.

Isabel & Rebeca Loustaunau

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