The love story that triggered a war

There are romances that are not affected by time. They are so intense they last forever. One example is Paris and Helen of Troy, two characters that fall somewhere between legend and truth and whose love has served as a symbol of perpetual and predestined love. They were together, despite everything. Together, whatever the cost, even if it was war. This story is composed of the great love affairs, heroes and battles that caused the Trojan War.

Although known as Helen of Troy, she was from Sparta. Considered the most beautiful woman on earth. Paris was a prince of Troy whom the goddess of love, Aphrodite, had promised the most beautiful woman in the world. It could be said the gods decided the love between Paris and Helen.

One day, Helen was at her palace in Sparta with her husband Menelaus. Paris appeared. As was customary by the laws of hospitality in ancient Greece, they gave him lodging and entertained him with banquets and gifts.

Paris and Helen fell madly in love from the moment they met. Helen escaped with Paris and together they went to Troy. Some said the Trojan prince had kidnapped her. The Greeks could not endure such an affront. In response, all the Greek kingdoms united and attacked the citadel of Troy. And so, one of the most famous battles of all time began: the Trojan War.

Mexican beaches are requested for major Hollywood productions, especially the peninsula for the combination of sea and desert. The best example is the epic movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Peter O’Toole and Orlando Bloom. The film is based on the classic The Iliad, written by the poet Homer. Screenwriter David Benioff focused on Agamemnon, Achilles and Hector’s the confrontation. He chose to leave out the Olympus gods.

Troy was filmed in three parts. The first was developed in Malta, in southern Italy, which is considered the largest set in the world. Later they moved to London, where they filmed on interior and some outside sets. Warner Bros. chose Los Cabos for different sequences of the production. It generated an important economic impact for this region of the Mexican Pacific.


German director Wolfgang Petersen and a group of 230 Mexican workers had the enormous challenge of reproducing the huge gates of Troy, the mythical Trojan horse and the Temple of Apollo. All are symbols of famous episodes that combine mythology, literature and history.

The filming of Troy in 2003 caused quite a stir in Los Cabos. It was a topic of conversation between all the cabeños and tourists who were excited by the commotion in the city.

Nearly a thousand Bulgarians were hired as extras in Sofia to portray the Greeks and Trojans warriors during the battles that, according to history, was fought outside the Mediterranean city.

The desert and sea of Los Cabos seduced the production crew involved in making the film. Brad Pitt was happy during his stay in Los Cabos, accompanied by his then wife, Jennifer Aniston.


[two_one_first] Achilles (Brad Pitt). An immortal Greek warrior and son of the goddess Thetis. His body is invulnerable except for one of his heels. He did not want to be involved in the war with Troy that was planned by Agamemnon, Menelaus’s brother and Helen’s husband.

[two_one_first] Paris (Orlando Bloom). A prince of Troy; legend says that Aphrodite gives Paris the beautiful Helen in return for his allegiance. He didn’t care that Helen was married to Menelaus.

[two_one_first] Hector (Eric Bana). The brother of Paris and heir to the throne. He knows Troy will fall because of his brother’s affair with Helen. Still, he fought fiercely for his people. He is a character who steals hearts.

[two_one_first] Helen (Diane Kruger). Considered by gods and kings, as the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the daughter of Tindar and Leda. She wasn’t happy with her marriage to Menelaus and didn’t hesitate to escape with Paris. However, when she saw the war caused by her affair, she laments escaping with Paris.

[two_one_first] Priam (Peter O’Toole). The king of Troy. After reaching a peace treaty with Melenaus, Paris’s rapture of Helen incites the anger of their new allies, the Greeks. Led by Agamemnon, Melenaus’s brother, they declare a war to “rescue” Helen. The real reason, Troy was the only obstacle in their way to dominate the Mediterranean Sea, the war was enough excuse to unite all Greek polis under Agamenon’s control.

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Issue 30 - Romance
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