Weddings and the Paparazzi

Juan Melgar


When the cape of San Lucas was only a large town and tourism had not turned it into just Cabo, and when the rich and famous of the jet set had not yet adopted it as a fashionable destination, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones decided to marry in the hotel on the rocky spine of the Finisterra Sudcaliforniano. It was a simple ceremony attended by a dozen couples that arrived in two executive jets. In those years, celebrities who claimed to love privacy could hold intimate gatherings in San Lucas, without the watchful eye of prying cameras.

The reporter Pancho King was noticed at the wedding of the Jamaican-English rocker, Keith Richards. Pancho was the czar of radio and television in La Paz. He would have heard the news of the wedding from one of his sources. From a hiding spot, perhaps suggested by hotel staff, he recorded exclusive images of the wedding between the rocker and the New York model Patricia Hansen.

The resulting video, made up of interviews with the chief judge who married them and photographs of the local singerfor whom the ceremony was delayed an hour, is part of the series “Reportages That Make History” that made Pancho King one of the first journalistic paparazzi in these latitudes.

Decades have passed since the event that did not matter much to the local Sanluqueños and Josefinos. Maybe there were fans of The Rolling Stones here at the time. However, the natives had the unique Sudcaliforniana tradition of not getting excited about or pestering the famous. Why? Let some social anthropologist explain the behavior. We only make note of the event, which only aroused the curiosity of the American vacationers staying at the hotel.

There were other famous weddings in the history of Cabo San Lucas, such as the one between the First Violin of the Glasgow Symphony and a graceful Pericue Indian. That was in the 18th Century when there were no paparazzi on the planet. You can read about this wedding in Tendencia Issue #24.


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