Pieces of History and Remembrances of Loreto

Portrait of the Author

Estela Davis, a native of Loreto, has devoted much of her life to studying and rescuing south Californian traditions and culture through her writings. She served as Director of Municipal Tourism Development and Minister of State Tourism in Loreto from 1989 to 1992. Five years later, she became the Departmental Head of National Promotion for the State Coordination of Tourism.

In 2006, the Congress of the State of Baja California Sur presented Estela with the Dionisia Villarino Medal for her contributions to literature and, in 2009, the thirteenth council of the City of La Paz recognized Estela with an award for her passion, commitment and contributions to culture. Now in 2015 the ninth meeting of Baja California Sur Writers was devoted to the author, in which she received recognition for his career as a writer and historian public servant.

Her publications include La perla del Mojón y otros relatos, El alojamiento en Baja California Sur, Cuentos de aquí y allá, Cinco días circulares, Cuando salga el sol y Tras la huella de José María Mata.

Portrait of the Book


After three years of patiently scouring history books and other volumes about Loreto in the Pablo L. Martinez Historic Archives in La Paz, the author finished her most recent work in 2014: Retazos históricos y evocaciones de Loreto (Pieces of History and Remembrances of Loreto). The narrator describes a part of Loreto’s past with integrity and from the heart.

The book is written as remembrances in humorous prose and contains five essays, and short stories of families, personalities, musicians and customs. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes nostalgic, the work is a very pleasant read and shows with love how adversity has been, and continues to be an inseparable part of the history of Loreto that will stand forever.



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