Cuervo´s House

The passion of the Cuervo family for the food and beverage industry goes back generations. Today, Jorge Cuervo follows in the path of his father, Don Malaquias Cuervo Rosales, who was inspired by the deep knowledge of his ancestors for authentic Mexican récipes. They introduced him to the culinary arts. Jorge shares a little about this innovative Restaurant-Bar.



Where did the idea for Cuervo’s House come from?

A love of service and the culinary arts is a family tradition. The combination of our heritage with cutting-edge lessons taught by great chefs like Charlie Trotters and Michelle Mustiere took us to where we are today. On the other hand, I have worked in the entertainment industry for 22 years, hence the quality of the entertainment section in our Club.


What inspired the menu at Cuervo’s House?
The menu is based on traditional dishes that remind us of when our mother or grandmother cooked for us. At dinner, we present the haute-cuisine Mexican dishes of our chef Maricela Aranda based on traditional recipes. Chef Marricela has accomplished an avant-garde fusion of both techniques.


What would the experience be like when visiting Cuervo’s House?

We are open 21 hours a day, so I can assure you that not everyone will have the same experience. Some may enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast. Others will prefer a rich snack while watching their favorite sport on TV. Those who visit us at dinner time will experience the authentic flavors of Mexico, enjoy pleasant live music and excellent entertainment in the piano bar.

No matter what time you visit, you’re sure to share one common experience, a very special memory from your trip to Mexico.

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