Californian Literature

Anthology of visual artists


Portrait of the Author

M. Fernando Sánchez Bernal born in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Studied graphic design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dedicated his career to photography since 1990. Founder of the FOTOSENSIBLE photography festival in Baja California Sur in 2009.

Participated with the regional delegation of anthropology and history in the documentation of San Antonio’s festival; a collection named Stream Dreams. Worked on the project with photographers such as Aníbal Angulo, Enrique Hambleton and Miguel Angel de la Cueva.

Portrait of the Book

Through this compilation of masterpieces, fragments of the evolution of photography over the last half-century in Southern California are revealed. 

The artists Carlos Olachea, Anibal Angulo, Efren Olalde, Raul Virgen, Francisco Merin, Nora White, Peter Cole, Salvador Rocha, Marina Verdugo, Lila Magallon, Julieta Sanchez-Hidalgo and Daniel Amora have brought visual art techniques into the modern era. They let us use our imagination to connect the abstraction and symbolism embodied in their work. 

With varied concepts, explore the simplification of the form and the depth of emotions. Employing diverse techniques, they transport us to the way it was and transmit to us what they lived in this State. Thus “A work of art does not speak of itself, but rather of something beyond…”


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