Paradisus Gastro Bar

“My life is the kitchen. Bite to bite, dish to dish and dessert to dessert, I seek to devour the gastronomic world.”

Martin Berasategui stands out for his warmth, generosity and charisma. With a career spanning 41 years, he tells us his place in the world of gastronomy is due to experience, discipline and teamwork. He acknowledges that being a recipient of eight Michelin stars is the reward for the hard work of all the people who helped him become who he is, especially his family.

At 15 years old, Martin started cooking in the family business, Bodegon Alejandro. The kitchen is where he grew up, watching her parents and aunt get up early to serve the guests with enthusiasm and energy.

[two_first] “In the beginning, my parents tried to persuade me to choose a different profession. However, at the age of 21 I told my mother and my aunt that I had what it takes to do the job and they could relax. This confession touched every fiber of my being. Personally, replacing my father in the small family business represented a key moment in my career. In my professional life, the most major milestone was achieving the third Michelin star.”

Martin employs the traditional forms of cooking in his restaurants that he learned from his family. Motivated by the discipline that is used in confections, ice cream making and French bakeries, he applies the same rigor to the recipes prepared in his kitchen in the pursuit of perfection. In honor of his father, every restaurant contains some letter of his name.

Gastrobar by Martin Berasategui is inspired by Martin’s origins. The concept specializes in using local products but is an old-fashioned bar and taproom. The menu reflects the trajectory and experience of the chef.

“I received a professional heritage and I have sought to improve on it. I want every guest to experience it through the menu. The desire to work is the ingredient that distinguishes each dish, and that I transmit to my team.

Mexican cuisine is in better shape than ever. There are dishes being made here today that many countries would like. Upon arriving in Los Cabos, I was quick to notice the stunning sea and organic cuisine. I am grateful and I like to use the products that are in the destination where I cook and leave my imprint. This is what can be expected plate to plate and dessert to dessert in my restaurant.”

Teamwork for Martin has been a life lesson learned from an early age. It is the condiment that he most values and uses in the kitchen. Inspiration for creative cooking can arise from everyday life or the unexpected. It is the sum of all the many details that makes a great dish and a great restaurant.

Martin Berasategui’s kitchen is not a person, is a team of people that will make your dinner at Gastro Bar an unforgettable experience.

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