Rancho San Lucas

An all-encompassing approach to developing a resort community

Rancho San Lucas is an exquisite oceanfront community that incorporates all of the romantic expectations of a world-class resort. While there are a number of famous resorts located throughout the Baja California peninsula, Rancho San Lucas offers a new master-planned community experience.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the beauty of the Pacific Ocean stretching out as far as the eye can see. Once you have actually entered Rancho San Lucas, your attention is drawn to the way the buildings are nestled against the gentle slope of the property and carefully situated on open rolling hills and along meandering arroyos. The Mexican-Spanish architecture evokes the character of a traditional Mexican village with low pitched Spanish tiled roofs. The buildings, small in scale, capture panoramic views of the ocean, beach and the Greg Norman Golf Course.

The golf course is designed to bring the natural characteristics of the terrain into play. In addition, the rise and fall of the roads provide a dynamic experience of ever-changing views, shifting between natural open spaces, golf, residential areas, sand dunes, beach, and the ocean. The main road and walkways wind their way through the property and conveniently connect various areas in the community.

This master-planned community was not only created with careful attention to architectural details, but also the unique Baja California-style setting that can only be found when surrounded by open space and the Pacific Ocean. Arroyos that have been part of the scenery for hundreds of years have been incorporated into the plan and will continue to function as natural drainage and wildlife corridors.

Rancho San Lucas draws a great deal of inspiration from Mexican and Spanish landscapes, architecture and culture. Classic elements from Spanish and Mexican traditions are interwoven to give the resort a distinct character and true sense of place. In essence, the character is neither solely Spanish, nor Mexican, but an appealing and romantic combination of both. The architectural features are unique to the Baja region and linked to its past.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts has carefully crafted the vision of Rancho San Lucas. The master plan is anchored by two resorts, the Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas and the Grand Solmar The Residences at Rancho San Lucas. Impeccably designed by the renowned Dallas-based architectural firm HKS, both resorts bring a Coastal Baja Mexico feel to the vast beauty that only Los Cabos can offer. Mirroring the area’s desert landscape, the overall design melds natural earth tones with traditional touches such as barrel tile roofs, archways and ironwork. Lush greenery and numerous water features, such as a lazy river and salt water lagoon, accentuate outdoor areas. The overall feel is formal and sophisticated, with a breezy ambiance throughout.

The private resort community of Rancho San Lucas is being developed as a whole with hotel units and residential homes. The resorts are oriented toward the site’s many spectacular Pacific Ocean views and the 18-hole golf course.

Homes are also designed in concert with the natural environment. They are situated in specific areas of the location and designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize aesthetic quality. The result is a spacious clustering of homes away from sensitive resources while maintaining the view-oriented concept that characterizes this residential area.

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