La Roca restaurant once again earns a Traveler’s Choice Award on TripAdvisor.

For travelers to truly appreciate the destinations they visit, they must learn the official name, the history, the legends, and of course, taste at least one of the regional dishes. Maybe that’s why La Roca International Cuisine is one of the favorite restaurants for travelers and locals alike.

At TENDENCIA, we decided to once again explore the dishes on the menu at La Roca to verify and accredit the award of excellence this distinguished restaurant has held on TripAdvisor since 2017.

Blending ingredients and food styles from around the world, La Roca International Cuisine continues to impress diners. Located at the southern tip of the peninsula where the land ends, in an environment of sophisticated elegance, the menu of chef Alberto Collarte offers a culinary tour through the flavors of the world.


Savor select cuts such as KOBE beef, as well as fettuccini frutti di mare, pork Korobuta, tamarind roasted chicken served with coconut risotto and the authentic cuisine of the peninsula. Other favorites include local vegetables, fresh tuna and grouper.

La Roca Restaurant stands out for the cordial attention provided by the entire staff. Diners are welcomed with a smile and a detailed explanation of what goes into each of the dishes that make dining here unforgettable.

Founded in 2002, the Travelers’ Choice awards are the most important granted by the renowned TripAdvisor website. The awards reflect the best in terms of service, quality and customer satisfaction. The winners are selected annually from the comments contributed by the millions of members.

The Travelers’ Choice awards not only highlight the everyday qualities, but also those truly exceptional options that make the restaurant a repeat visit on every trip.

Without a doubt, La Roca International Cuisine inside the Grand Solmar hotel in Cabo San Lucas will fill you with delicious offerings that are sure to earn your vote as a priceless experience.

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