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Los Cabos has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. New investments that translate into more and more hotels and developments have brought a great diversity in what is called the dining industry.

In the past, importing goods into Los Cabos was not easy. However, with the growth of this destination, it has been possible to import several products from abroad in a more agile manner. As a result, a restaurant can transport to France, Italy, Japan, India, or Spain in a single bite. If we add the fact that in Los Cabos you can find large vegetable gardens and fruit crops, such as mangoes with unsurpassed quality, then we get even more wonderful results.

The state of Baja California Sur is fertile earth and the sea around us is generous.

Bars and restaurants offer wine and liquor menus that are difficult to resist. The drinks they concoct are creative and the way they are served is unique. The variety of spirits, especially tequila and mezcals, is so diverse, special schooling is required.

Los Cabos is also home to great Mexican chefs who share experiences with other international experts. After all, the fusion of diverse cultures in a kitchen is a creative challenge of interesting combinations, and those who cook are only limited by their imagination.

Just as in a symphony, the conductor is as important as the music, the flute as the violin and the instruments as the voices, a dish on your table reflects the result of all the work of a staff that is not seen but leaves the memory of notes that are unique and hard to forget on your palate.

The service in a restaurant starts with the purchase and proper preparation of quality products, the planning of menus, the hygiene and temperature of the food, the production, the presentation and, finally, the training and the service of the person who delivers the dish to the table. Complying with demanding tastes or with requirements of uses and customs, or health, are important items that have become a standard when it comes to providing top-notch service.

Tourists in Los Cabos do not visit just for the golf or fishing. They come to eat well. As a result, good service is paramount. The restaurant and bar staff in the developments and hotels know this well and keep it in mind. It’s why they work hard every day and give the best of themselves.

The people who work in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, whether they are Mexican or not, understand what the concept of good service to the client means and know that it is a daily challenge. Service industry staff jealously guard their work when they want to live and develop both personally and professionally in a paradise like Los Cabos.

It’s no surprise why Los Cabos is increasingly becoming a leading character among international destinations. Dishes of excellence and service of the same quality must be found together. That is certainly true in Los Cabos. No wonder the person who visits Los Cabos once, always returns again and again.


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