Picaro Comfortable Food

The gastronomy here will be as diverse as the ingredients and the cooking techniques from the areas where the dishes are prepared. Originally from Italy and ten years after arriving in Los Cabos, Chef Matias Forte and Christian Ricci fondly remember the pleasures of home-style cooking.


“In a conversation long ago, we shared the feeling that the kitchen has lost a little spirit and a bit of tradition. The soul of the kitchen was the respect for the raw materials. They are available during specific seasons for a reason. Nature works in a wonderful way.” Matias

The concept of Picaro is comfort food, cooked with a love for the product and for the diner. It is a bit of a gastronomic revolution within the Solmar group and the Rancho San Lucas development.

Freshness is paramount. Whether vegetables, seafood or cuts of meat, the quality of the ingredients is critical. The creativity of the chef highlights the dishes with aromatic herbs, marinades and citrus zests.

The Picaro menu will evolve with the seasons and dishes will be respectfully prepared as they were in the past. The cooking area includes a wood burning oven, charcoal grill and a kitchen bar. Although the dishes are inspired by the chef, the goal is to prepare the food the way our grandmothers did.


“In the past, the food had to match the ingredients available during that season. Summer brought fresh tomatoes. However, they were also preserved for use in winter. There are many organic products in Los Cabos between Pescadero and Miraflores and we follow the same seasonal cycle when we prepare our dishes. No wonder we love the product.” Christian

The name was the inspiration for the innovative and surprising concept. Picaro was a character with a healthy appetite for mischief. He lived by his wits and went through life expecting to prosper. He never stayed in one place or let himself be overwhelmed by day to day circumstances. He always had many ideas and a cunning mind that got him out of difficult situations.

As a result, the concept of Picaro will be something found on the menu. Christian Ricci always transmits her extrovert personality into the combinations of ingredients. When finished, she is known to exclaim, “I did not expect to find this in the bowl!”

Another distinctive element of home-style cooking is the direct and familiar interaction with the diner. The atmosphere in Picaro will make you feel at home. Here the chef will cheerfully greet you and ask, “What do you think?”

The architecture of Picaro reflects the environment within Rancho San Lucas. The interior was designed by Holly Regan and features clean strokes and defined industrial forms. At the same time, the atmosphere harmoniously highlights the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the cozy countryside.

“At home you eat where you want. That’s what we want this space to say. We want to feel comfortable, just like at home. There will be an open kitchen, bar, terrace and private dining area. Depending on the occasion and company, diners can choose where they want to eat. Just like at home.”

Combining the recipes of Nana with the playfulness of the chef, Picaro will be a restaurant that invites diners to return any time to discover new flavors and new dishes created with the ingredients of the day!

Picaro is an idea that is being prepared, cooked and kept warm until it becomes a reality in Rancho San Lucas. Opening is Spring-Summer 2019!

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