Los Cabos is redefining itself doing it in spectacular ways letting the magic happen

Human beings are constantly evolving. The context in which we develop forces us to adapt to new conditions that impact the way we live. Technological and computer advances now satisfy our needs, allow us to go about our daily activities in simpler ways and offer us the whole world in the palm of our hand with second to second updates. We are interconnected with ourselves and the latest gadgets. We can control our appliances to simultaneously have the coffee ready, hot water in the shower, music according to our mood and even publish a selfie before leaving for work on a Monday morning.

One of the sectors that has had the greatest impact on this transformation is tourism.

A few years ago, I remember visiting a travel agent to plan a vacation and select a hotel or experience from a handful of stacked leaflets with small photographs that were insufficient and a bit misleading. Now, we can instantly see genuine photographs of travelers and user ratings in real time. With the help of applications that assess personal affinity and match choices according to our lifestyle, we can decide what type of trip would be best.

With this reality in mind, visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Renoir paintings at the MET in New York, begins to lose meaning. Technology can offer us high-definition images and even three-dimensional models of a piece of art without the long lines or our own failed attempts to capture the best image.


That鈥檚 why tourism, more than ever, is re-focusing on the user experience. It offers unique moments and transmits feelings that can only be lived by using all the senses. We experience goose bumps and generate emotional bonds that cannot be communicated through a photograph or an image on a screen.

Behind a large wall of onyx, as a surprise you would not expect, a long corridor of marble and dark wood welcomes you and frames the view of the calm Sea of 鈥嬧婥ortez. The soft afternoon air caresses your face and, even with the strong summer heat and humidity of Los Cabos, you feel freshness entering your body. After several steps, the road ends at some calm water and, while looking for a new path, you stop to watch the sunset behind the cacti and palm trees; the purple and orange sky attempts to survive the last rays of sun. Your step, calm and surrounded by foxtails that move with the gentle afternoon breeze, takes you to some stairs that continue to reveal the sea in a sober and monochromatic environment. You have reached your destination; a cozy patio welcomes you with the very delicate sound of water moving around a majestic tree …

Those who already know JW Marriot Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa and Caf茅 Des Artistes, one of the restaurants recognized at the 2019 Culinary Awards, were able to explore with me the unparalleled experience of walking from the hotel to the restaurant through the previous paragraph. No images are needed, because we could easily find those. It was about living the experience and making it ours. We were part of the art in front of us and it played with all our senses. The taste of the dishes and drinks, the textures of the architecture, the colors of the landscape, the sounds of nature, together created unique experiences.

Like JW Marriot, there are many other establishments that have decided to break the mold of the traditional and the ordinary to offer extraordinary experiences.

Walking the halls of Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort is a world of sensations. The roofs are covered as well with endemic vegetation with colors, textures, sounds and smells that change throughout the year while always maintaining the view of the sea. Thankfully, the decision was made that would otherwise seem unthinkable: hiding the architecture. As if this were not enough, Solaz not only worked to break the mold in the way we live in the spaces but also offered alternatives such as the Ship鈥檚 Cabin, a museum inside the hotel that presents the history of Baja California Sur with a wonderful curatorship. Hanging from the ceiling is the skeleton of a whale. Surprised?

I would need many more pages to continue telling you about all the experiences in Los Cabos, a destination that changes day by day, and offers us the best of both traditional Mexico and the contemporary world. Let’s put the screens aside and rediscover everything Los Cabos has for us.

Complete Issue: http://bit.ly/TravesiaEntreDosMares-T44

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