Heal your gut with Stacey Reid’s advices for California Ranch Market!

On this month’s recommendation for California Ranch Market, Health Coach and IBS expert, Stacey Reid, talked about how you can have a better quality of life and improve your gut health.   

It is common to see that a lot of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, and this is something they have to endure every day for the rest of their life. Stacey, California Ranch Market guest for November and January, shared with some tips you could incorporate daily and will enormously help you.  

To start, the number one thing you must do is drink plenty of water if you hydrate your body, your hydrate your life.   

Stacey says that “water is needed for cell function to transport nutrients to and within the cells. Also, it will eliminate bacteria, microbes, parasites, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, and sulfates. It will improve intestinal peristalsis and overall gut function”.   

Another fantastic advice was that you should eliminate highly processed cooking oils like canola, soy, corn, vegetable, and peanut. Cooking oils are extremely inflammatory to your gut, says Stacey, and are high on omega 6 and 9. If they are not in their natural form, they are dangerous to your body.   

“The consumption of omega-six has been linked to mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and suicide because of the inflammatory response they have in the brain,” says Stacey.   

So, you can be wondering right now which type of oils you should use. And here is the list:  

 1. Organic avocado oil

2. Extra virgin organic olive oil 

3. Organic coconut  

4. Walnut  

5. Grapeseed  

Finally, one of the most important things is to increase probiotics and prebiotics foods. Stacey says that “this type of foods has non-soluble fiber; this means that it can be absorbed by the body and will help your gut and bowel movement. It also helps to increase friendly bacteria, boost immune system function, and can aid with digestive disorders”.   

Incorporate this prebiotics and probiotics foods in your diet:  

  1. Organic apples with skin  
  2. Underripe bananas  
  3. Blueberries   
  4. Onions  
  5. Garlic  
  6. Asparagus  
  7. Leeks  
  8. Apple cider vinegar  
  9. Miso 
  10. Fermented pickles  

Start living and make these little changes in your routine with the help of California Ranch Market; you’ll see the difference!   

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