The Interview: Ron Hatfield

“Villas Del Mar is a place like no other. It soars from a stunning coastline up to magnificent mountain perches, with an enviable year-round climate. This is a community of privilege and privacy – the most revered in all of Los Cabos – home to but a few hundred spectacular residences crafted by founder and master-builder Ron Hatfield and his visionary team.”

In the comfort and warmth of a Baja Ranch style office, Ron Hatfield, a man of vision and determination, shared with us how the last five years of one of the major real estate companies in Los Cabos has grown along with the destination.

“What initially attracted me to Los Cabos was the construction of two major Jack Nicklaus Golf courses. The combination of the golf courses and the first direct flight from the United States opened borders and placed Los Cabos on the map.”

“I have played most of the golf courses. However, for a weekend of relaxation after a week of hard work, I still like the Palmilla Golf Course.”


For 25 years the Hatfield Company, Del Mar, has given back to the Los Cabos community by using local contractors, Mexican furnishings, and most of all, remaining loyal to employees, some of whom have been employed by Hatfield for 20 years.

“One of our most satisfying achievements has been the relationship we have built with the employees. Also, we have homeowners that come back year after year. They have been supportive and enthusiastic about the projects. It is truly the cumulation of daily events that give us the green light. We are on the right path.”

Despite new companies arriving over the past five years, the company has worked hard to be competitive. Del Mar has stayed true to his hallmarks of exceptional exclusivity and architecture with a sense-of-place.

Remembering the past and how the company started, brought a smile to Ron’s face. Indeed, he has been a pioneer, visionary and keystone in the local Real Estate business.

“The number one reason to invest in Los Cabos is the weather. It must be the best weather in the world, period. Number two is accessibility. Los Cabos is just a two to three-hour flight from the western part of the United States. However, in order to keep the growth wave going, Los Cabos must invest in infrastructure, housing, water and streets.”

After 25 years, Del Mar continues to get better and better. A legacy has been established of great homes that match families with beach front and ocean-view residences in Villas Del Mar, Espiritu and Palmilla.

“Del Mar Development remains intensely committed to the principles we established 25 years ago, from fostering a sense of community within Villas del Mar, Espiritu and Oasis Palmilla, to jealous excellence and continuous improvement. We hope you share our excitement for the future and enjoy the lifestyle we have created for you in Los Cabos”.

For 25 years Del Mar has built a lifestyle in Los Cabos

Del Mar Development gives continuity to its vision of community that was eminent in the Palmilla area as it is an area surrounded by history and magic that highlighted Los Cabos for its natural beauty and the friendliness of its people.


Ron Hatfield for 25 years has been attentive to tourism development to remain at the forefront in design, construction quality and service management according to the development. It is a community of residents that has grown organically and with similar ideas, seeking tranquility in Del Mar and at the same time, the proximity to high-level areas, the Historic Center of San José del Cabo and the fun of Cabo San Lucas. Los Cabos has a mix of experiences and events available according to each season.

Del Mar Development has an ideal setting right in the Tourist Corridor with access to pristine beaches and the surrounding golf course without losing privacy in a unique urban conception.

9 hectares with parks, outdoor recreational spaces, trails and viewpoints.

3km of beaches, including the beach with the distinctive Blue Flag of Palmilla, one of the most suitable for swimming and the Del Mar beach area, known for its isolated areas.

10 restaurants located a walk away or a short golf cart ride.

Club Espiritu Fitness Campus includes a 10,000 square foot area with gym, putting green, tennis courts and children’s area.

Del Mar Los Cabos is the 365-management agency within the community. They provide the services to maintain the homes in the community in optimal conditions.

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