Discover Viceroy Los Cabos

Viceroy Los Cabos has redefined luxury. The destination knows no limits when it comes to service. A stay here means exclusivity, discovery, and seduction.

The natural beauty of Baja California Sur has a power all its own and Viceroy offers a front row seat on the duality between the desert and sea that distinguishes the destination and gives it majesty. You can experience the blue of the sea that welcomes the singing of the gray whales, while standing on golden sand and surrounded by towering cactus.

The architecture of Viceroy Los Cabos reveals the decor and craftsmanship meant for a structure that is focused on charm and privacy. In every sense, the design delivers an experience full of hospitality and makes the most of the infinite connection with the ocean in front and the nights full of stars that suddenly appear.
The sublime architecture serves as an inspiration for memorable photos. Every corner of Viceroy Los Cabos is a place to wrap yourself in the magic of the building and the magnificent scenery before you.

The amenities, including the gym, cinema, kid’s zone, spa, and the exquisite restaurants such as the iconic Nido or Cielomar, are the perfect addition for the perfect stay.
Be prepared to be captivated. It’s certain this hotel will become your ideal escape. Welcome to Viceroy Los Cabos. Welcome to luxury without limits.

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