Elegance goes hand-in-hand with mexican style

Lourdes Macias does not see work as work. She sees it as something magical that invites her to stay active, and when she starts, she can’t stop. She is someone who, conserves her energy so she can take advantage of what else might come along, especially if it involves her passion: interior design.


The idea of creating a hacienda-like hotel came from her brother, Gabriel. When he told her what he wanted to do, she began reading books from the Porfiriato era. She found fragments in them that talked about the furniture the Spaniards brought to Mexico. Lourdes describes it as eclectic, a theme that we see in the furniture of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City.

She tells us that the design of Hacienda Encantada and Vista Encantada — the latest property of México Grand Hotels — is characterized by the style of a Mexican hacienda of the Porfirian era. The Tuscan design is stylized and elegant and the materials, lighting and furniture represent the beauty of Mexican culture.

Hacienda Encantada features a range of warm colors, varying between terracotta, red, yellow and green. Vista Encantada contains cool and warm ranges, depending on the suite. Lourdes believes that all colors are significant.

She looks for the same style and color culture when she travels through Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Chapala, Oaxaca and Taxco. Her goal is to find artisans and work directly with them so that her ideas come through in the finished product.

It is difficult for Lourdes to pick out her favorite areas in the two hotels, since every space is designed to be special. But if she had to name one, the designer from Aguascalientes tells us that the Vista Encantada lobby stands out for its beautiful views and details, such as the Tuscan-style furniture. The majestic fireplace is carved in stone, and the bar is reminiscent of a vintage canteen.

Perhaps her current favorite place is the chapel where we met and conducted the interview. The route to the sacred place provides a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez and offers an opportunity to connect with yourself. You feel that you are not alone, that you are accompanied.

At the end of our interview we noticed a gleam of light in Lourdes eyes when she recounts her 26 years of design for Mexico Grand Hotels.

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