Alianza Comunitaria in Baja California Sur

At a time when the world needs to join forces in the face of the contingency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Baja California Sur creates an alliance made up of organized civil society and the business sector of La Paz and Los Cabos to face the potential crisis. food and medical supplies.

Alianza Comunitaria BCS has the goal of raising 168 million pesos to help more than 40,000 families in southern California, supporting them over the next few weeks with food and hygiene products.

What is needed is to respond to the contingency in an orderly and supportive manner for those South Californians and institutions that will face the pandemic.

The organization is non-profit and the objective is:

  1. Detect needs
  2. Raise the necessary capital and communicate
  3. Buy, distribute and supervise supplies

The ACBCS board of directors appointed Como Vamos La Paz to coordinate feeding efforts and the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation to coordinate health interests, among more than 50 associations had joined to help. Bellow, the information corresponding to each organization:

How to donate?




Como Vamos La Paz, A.C

Donation in pesos:


Account: 0102850613

Clabe: 012040001028506135

Donation in dollars:


Account: 0197409915

Code: 012040001974099152



Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, A.C

Donation in pesos:


Account: 0115289386

Clabe: 012045001152893861

Donation in dollars:


Account: 0115289475

Clabe: 012045001152894750



For more information, contact 612-122-22127 or (How we are going La Paz).

You can also contact 624-172-7117 or (Los Cabos Children Foundation)


Each of us, as part of the South Californian society, is essential to join the BCS Community Alliance. It is our responsibility as agents of change that the State continues safe and prosperous and without you, we could not do it. That is why we ask you to contribute in any small amount, it will make all the difference.

Any citizen can volunteer or donate in this collective effort. Now more than ever, we need each other. Be part of the help.

Be part of the change.


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