A South Californian Eden

Nothing has done more than travel to remove the veil of ignorance, illuminate the human mind, expand the field of vision, stimulate new desires, remove international obstacles such as hatred and prejudice, achieve more intense relationships between the different races of the world and a better understanding between them, while at the same time laying the foundation for universal brotherhood and, in general, raising the quality of life and thought to their highest levels. (A.J. Norval, The Tourist Industry, 1936).

This is precisely what happens in the splendid tourist region of southern California that is made up of Buenavista, Los Barriles and nearby ranches. Buenavista is the last town in the northern part of Los Cabos and Los Barriles is the last town in the southern part of La Paz.

The natural perfection of this region combines the sea, the sand and the desert. This heavenly place has become an area visited by two important segments: fishermen and lovers of water sports.

Buenavista and Los Barriles are two small towns that may have different names but are practically the same destination. It is a region where tranquility, the friendly side of the inhabitants, the continuity of life in the customs, and the everyday sun reign as the main perfume.

This tourist area is considered an international mecca for fishermen, where the abundant sea contrasts with the desert coast. This portion of scented land has maintained the characteristics that popularized southern California with pioneers and adventurers back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The mixture of the natural and the social characterizes life here. Years pass by in a quiet ease and create a way of life that is an antidote to the diseases that occur in the various metropolises of the world.

In this little corner of the vermilion sea you can take advantage of the morning to see the sunrise, walk the sand, swim a little in the tranquil waters, watch the leap of the manta rays and listen to the unique sound of their splash, and observe the departure of motorboats and yachts in search of the most popular marine species.

Step onto one beach and your feet magically feel as if they are burning when they come in contact with both the sand and the sea water. That’s because your feet are in a marine hot spring with hot water from thermal springs.

This region has more than 200 boats with experienced and friendly captains that will gladly arrange a fishing expedition for marlin, swordfish, snapper, seabass, dorado, and roosterfish. The variety of marine species is the main reason this ​​Scented Soil is renowned as an ideal place for sport fishing.

In addition, the gastronomy of the area is very interesting. It’s easy to find a place where fish is sold or smoked to enjoy at home, and fish and seafood tacos are made with a delicious touch. Various restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner made with fresh seafood and a variety of organic products.

An incredible activity available in this area is wind surfing and its derivatives. Specially trained personnel take care of all the details when you hire a service. There are tourists who return year after year in the winter season, sometimes accompanied by their children who spend hours enjoying sailing and the winds.

Some nearby ranches are El Cardonal, La Linea, and Boca de Alamo. You can find the ranches to the north of Los Barriles by traveling a local road. If you continue on this route along the coast, you will find wonderful beaches and views. The large number of houses in this area make it an ideal place to rest, nourish the soul and, above all, be part of the attractiveness that this corner of southern California represents, and the magnetism of this Scented Soil.

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